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    4K tv and AFTV

    does anyone know if the fire TV first generation works on a 4k tv ?
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    uninstalling xbmc from ftv

    I updated my ftv to kodi and XBMC is still on my ftv....... now if I uninstall xbmc will that erase what I have saved in kodi?
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    Is ustvnow still working?

    I've installed the ustvnow addon on my ftv and set it up on 400kbps put my email and password and when I go to click on the addon it says working on the bottom right corner then it kicks me out of kodi then I have to launch kodi again its the only addon that does this........ I go on the web...
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    choosing kodi for aftv

    not sure which one to download kodi for aftv......arm or x86 any help would be appericiated
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    Keeping time

    dose anyone know why the AFT dose not keep the time on movies or TV show? TV show is 21 min long but the AFT always shows 00:00 even if it is playing for let say 2 min when i pause it, it shows 00:00 so now if i want to fast forward i have to pause it....if i don't pause it it will start...