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    How do I access NAS through Kodi?

    I set up a folder on my Windows 10 PC and have it network shared. I went into advanced network settings and made sure files were granted permission. I even set the read/write to everyone and it does not require a password. On the Kodi end of things I am having a difficult time trying to find...
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    Any replacement to ********?

    I haven't touched Kodi in a few months so I don't know if ******** is still the latest and greatest Movie/TV searcher which also syncs with Trakt.TV. It works amazingly when I used it last but now I'm not getting any results from the usual providers and sources when I've tried with 5-10...
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    If I use Nvidia Shield TV for Kodi, will all the video/audio benefits be lost?

    I read some sources that streaming boxes with true Android TV (as opposed to everything else that is treated as a tablet instead) benefit more with certain streaming applications like Netflix and Hulu offering 4K video and Dolby Surround on select devices with Android TV. If I decide to use my...
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    Didnt USTVNow used to offer Cartoon Network?

    As it is now it offers 24 channels which is a decent amount for $19/mo. I searched the internet and it wasn't just my imagination, they did used to offer it. The only answer I could not find is why it has been discontinued from the service. I would really like it for watching Adult Swim and...
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    Am I doing something wrong or does Kodi run terribly on the Fire HD tablets?

    My experience with Kodi has been on box devices like the Fire TV and Matricom G-box Q. This is my first time getting Kodi to run on a tablet and it's terrible. It locks the tablet into landscape mode which isn't terrible but I prefer to do portrait occasionally. The home and back buttons have...
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    I can no longer clear my cache using my remote anymore. Any idea why it stopped?

    I'm using a Matricom G-Box Q and on the remote for it there is a button with 3 horizontal lines I would hold down and a rocket shows up to clear all the cache when I'm on the main menu. It no longer works anymore and I checked the settings to see if something disabled it. I even went as far as...
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    How do I know if there are new changes made or updates with Indigo?

    Does it fetch on its own or am I required to launch the app every few months or so? But also how do I know when there are any updates and is there a changelog to follow?
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    Radio addon isnt working for me, am I doing something wrong?

    I tried playing my 3 most favorite local stations that I listen to on a weekly basis, none of them work. Theres not much in the settings I can change around for something to work differently. What am I doing wrong? This add-on
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    Is it a waste of time/money to install a VPN if my ISP isnt even bothering me?

    I've always seen VPNs as a sort of insurance and you don't need it......until you need it which is why its better to be safe than sorry. However of all the years I've spent without one and streaming content I haven't been notified once to stop. If it were a matter of installing something in the...
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    Anything else I can do to make my Kodi experience seamless with no buffering?

    Heres a speedtest I took from my network My device is the Matricom G-Box Q (the first, not the 2nd) and I have it hooked up to Ethernet I've also installed **** Wizard and enabled the "1GB of RAM or more Devices" in advanced settings. Under maintenance...
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    Are we allowed to discuss pirated 3rd party addons?

    I just signed up to this forum 10 mins ago and the last thing I want to do is break any rules and get immediately banned. I initially signed up to but they seem to have a stance against piracy which I didn't find out about until after I signed up. I was hoping to find a forum...
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    Hello everyone

    I've found my way to this forum because I just got into Kodi and I wanted to learn how to get the most out of this great piece of software. I initially went towards as my first forum I signed up to but after reading the ToS and site rules they dont take too kindly to piracy. While...