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    Gotham 13.1 skipping/stuttering issue??

    Hi, on my gotham 13.1 I've noticed on 1080p content that the video doesn't seem "smooth" on continuous scenes, seems to skip a frame or stagger for a millisecond, I didn't notice it on my previous gotham 13.0 version... has anybody else noticed this (is this a known issue) or have any advice...
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    OUYA How do i update from Gotham 13.0 to 13.1 Stable?

    Hi, How can I update from Gotham 13.0 to the june 13.1 stable release without losing my current addons/settings? A step by step for dummies would be nice :)
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    OUYA Buffering with HD content

    Weird, there has been no change in my internet speed or my ouya setup to the internet (ethernet Netgear wifi adapter) yet my Ouya buffers almost everything now...only thing I did was traveled somewhere with it and brought it back. I test mostly with **** up streams or Ic*f*lms HD streams. Tried...
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    Any WiFi bridge reccomendations??

    My wifi sucks on my Ouya as most of you guys, I tried a 200mb Netgear powerline adapter but that didn't help either... But when I plugged in my laptop to it via Ethernet then the internet was great! Thats not a good looking long term solution though so does anybody have any Wifi bridge adapters...
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    Crashes everytime I start a 720p/1080p movie

    When trying to play 720p HD, my Ouya crashes back to the movies/tv list (tested on Ic*f*lms) everytime... right now I'm running the SPMC version, tried HUB xml, no xml and Tuxens xml, all to no avail, Although when I tested Veetle streams they seemed ok. Any help would be appreciated... Thanks!
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    Best Setup For ATV2?

    Hey guys, I've been messing with my ATV2 running on ios5.3 XBMC frodo for a couple of months now trying to find the best "setup" to avoid buffering, mostly it buffers on HD vids from all kinds of different addons, if you have a setup that works good for you or any advice to improve the "lag"...