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    Adobe MD5 Hashlib

    Anyone feel like converting this to python? :) Routines like this are used quite often in swf files and in most cases stop us from getting final links This guy is used to create a final token needed to...
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    OE 4.0 - Resolution Settings not sticking?

    Are any of you guys having issues with the new OE not keeping resolution settings after reboots? On a upgraded card from 3.2.4 I noticed initially the resolution got changed from 1920x1080 to 640x480, setting it back I then noticed the overscan was out of wack, xbmc was too big for the screen...
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    Gotham Python API Changes

    Take note of the thread on for all changes/additions in the python api for Gotham Be aware that using any of the new features will fail on users running on Frodo or earlier So this new addition is very nice! XBMC version check to point...
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    Icons for our shared modules?

    Hey guys, if anyone is up to the task it would be nice to have icons created for our shared script modules that do all of the hard work behind the scenes Soon (hopefully) these will be showing up in the Addons section of xbmc where you can manage them, so would be nice to have an icon to go...
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    Not sure who wrote this one, it's new to urlresolver I just sent out a new beta and this guy is throwing errors so had to remove it and send a new beta File "C:\Users\Mike\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\script.module.urlresolver\lib\urlresolver\plugins\", line 84, in...
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    TGUN Blocking?

    Having an issue with giddyup network, not sure if they are blocking all requests or if it's just me All http requests in python are returning 403 errors, but strange thing is if I use a bogus user agent it works.. anything resembling a valid agent returns 403, including just putting in...
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    XBMC Addon API

    Was getting tired of having to re-find these each time I needed them Python API: Frodo - Gotham - JSON API: Frodo -
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    Regex - I hate you..

    You know how after staring at something for so long it becomes near impossible to see your errors? Well this regex is driving me crazy! Source: var s1=new...
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    Debug Python with Eclipse

    Has anyone tried this? Sounds very nice, can finally step thru our addon code, watch variables etc. Too good to be true?
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    script.module.addon.common - t0mm0 common renamed

    Hey guys, I talked about this some time ago, renaming the t0mm0 common module to a more generic name and including some fixes and extra functionality that we would like to have which we otherwise would not be able to without breaking a number of addons So I've renamed and created a new git...
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    Captcha - Challenge Script

    So I literally just finished fixing up the 180Upload resolver to pull out the easy captcha thing they were doing, and within minutes after I see its no longer working... load up their pages again and now they have switched to using a google captcha challenger script They pull in a frame from...
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    Python - traceback - print stack trace

    Just noticed this guy in the veohproxy I'm fiddling with and thought it was pretty handy Use: import traceback traceback.print_exc() I know most people are worried about losing some very good debug info when you use try:except as the exception...
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    Multi-thread downloader

    Hey guys, so some have seen this discussion in the moderator forum, it is now semi-mature enough to bring it to here The basics of what this is: - Given a direct file link, it will attempt to download the file using multiple connections - developer defined # - The file is segmented into...
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    Grabbing the response headers?

    I'm struggling a bit on this one.. I have a URL which returns some very nice to have info in the header.. but I don't seem to be properly able to grab just the header Does anyone have some quick code using urllib2 that requests the page and ONLY gets the header? The catch to my probablem is...
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    Core Modules Beta Testing Repo

    Hey guys, To help mitigate any risk and increase the amount of testing that takes place on our core script modules I have setup a beta testing repo Download -
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    Metahandlers testing

    Hey guys, I've recently pushed quite a few updates to metahandlers to my git, includes a rework of grabbing episode meta data and some changes surrounding writing to cache db movie/tv show info Also nice new addition is allowing episode meta grabs based on air date which jas0npc has already...
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    URLResolver Releases - Dev Version

    Current release - 1.1.0 / 2.1.0 Thought it would be nice to have a version of this thread here to be more dev oriented This is intended to talk about what is currently in URLResolver - what's not - what needs to be fixed etc. If you need help developing a new resolver then start a new thread...
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    Information to keep in mind when creating a url resolver

    Vinny, I pushed some small updates to the movreel resolver For the settings - this is a tip for everyone creating resolvers, make sure they are preceded by the name of the resolver class to simplify your code and eliminate the need to import xbmcaddon eg. This is the typical start to a new...
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    t0mm0 common - rename?

    I'm doing some small fixes/changes to t0mm0's common module and thinking it might be a good chance to rename it to something more descriptive, removing t0mm0's name from the name of the script itself, but of course keeping him in the credits Any suggestions on a new name...
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    [NEED TO KNOW] URLResolver Releases - 2.7.0

    This thread is meant to report on updates to URLResolver This is NOT a support/how to thread. URLResolver updates are pushed out to you automatically, there is nothing you need to do to get these versions. With the release of Helix, users are now able to see updates to URLResolver the same as...