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    News addons

    any american catch up tv addon coming soon?
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    [RELEASE] UKTVPlay (Discontinued)

    does it work for any one?
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    [RELEASE] (Discontinued)

    Thanks for the addon
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    [RELEASE] (Discontinued)

    Thanks for the addon.
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    Exo d us

    thats good.. thanks .
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    Indian TV Addon

    Yes we are missing tv on ... zone addon which was the best.
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    basket ball replays

    Can some one make the addon for nbafullhd dot com and nbahd dot net websites for full game replays....
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    NBA full games

    yes can some expert please help on this or any other nba replay addon please??
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    Can some one make an addon for this? lots of Uk sports and entertainment channels

    Can some one make an addon from this software, its media center for pc have lots of uk channels sports and movies/tv and all osn channels and arabic channels...
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    Cast from Android(Y2Cast & Moliplayer) to Chromecast Free!

    i am getting this message when try to watch the live stream from Spo*ts De*il addon "External Player Active, Click OK when playback hand ended" i do have MXplayer installed as some suggested ... will appreciate any help please....