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    librtmp file on apple tv

    Are you having trouble downloading it, because I was just able to. (Alex, check your pm's)
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    Just 1 please.

    Although there are many, many good ones, I agree with shogun. I consistently use Project Free TV and 1Ch**nel the most.
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    Ouya on sale at Target. $70

    In case anyone is looking.
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    FYI: OUYA on sale

    Ouya is $30 off on Amazon today. Sale price $69.99. Just a heads up in case someone is thinking of buying b
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    Expand My TV Viewing Please!

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Starting at the top and working down, I just finished the first season of Luther. Definitely my kind of show. :)
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    Expand My TV Viewing Please!

    As a person from the US that watches mainly shows off of American TV, what are the best shows I am missing out on from other countries?
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    Can't find configure wifi

    From the initial menu - settings - general - network.
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    XBMC for Grandparents

    Thanks guys for the thoughts. You know how it is, once someone finds out you can work on something, you are then working on everybody's. :) I'm not sure my phone minutes could handle this. :)
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    XBMC for Grandparents

    If you were buying for someone who knows absolutely nothing about technology, what would you buy that would be the easiest to maintain from 50 miles away? Not sure I want to buy anything because of the numerous trips I foresee maintaining the XBMC for them, but really feel they would enjoy it...
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    what are good xbmc visualization addons

    Bumping this up to see if anyone has anything. I would love to know too.
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    What happen to iheartradio add on

    Iheartradio is in drivingmule's repo. I'm not sure if it works or not, because i don't use it, but did notice it in there.
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    Airplay for PC?

    Just a quick update. I gave AirParrot a try and it works great. Thanks for the help guys! :)
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    Airplay for PC?

    @woodpecker. I'm a UT fan. The website is and yeah I have xbmc on it, but just couldn't figure out have to stream it. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I hope to be better prepared next time than I was last night.
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    Airplay for PC?

    Thanks Flapster. I'm willing to at least give it a try.
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    Airplay for PC?

    I'm a college basketball fan, and some of the games are streamed only over the Internet from the college website. Is there anything similar to Airplay for use on a windows PC to stream it through my ATV2? Watching on the TV is preferred over viewing on my monitor. Thanks in advance.
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    Any addons with CMT (Country Music Television)

    Okay, I searched again, and all I could find was 'The Country Network' and it was on Porkie's music channels. Sorry for the misinformation, but it is a good video channel, not CMT, but nice all the same, so you might want to check it out if you haven't.
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    Creating my first addon.

    Glad to hear you are making progress. My goal is to learn coding when I retire. :) Looking forward to your add on.
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    Any addons with CMT (Country Music Television)

    Not an add on, but I believe I saw it on Na*i-X, possibly on Porky's music playlist.
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    Streamza (New Service)

    I got yours Candita - Mine is: