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    finally cut the cord

    after almost two years with dish network, i have finally cut the cord. my sub to dish isnt over until december but they let me cut service until then to save money on an early termination. the way i have done it was to first get my android box [klll]for kodi. then i bought a powered antenna from...
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    anyone try 17 krypton yet.

    i just tried kodi 17 krypton on my pc and no matter what, i couldnt get fusion to install. i spent about an hour trying everything i could think of to get it to work but no go. i did get it to install the addon installer but thats as far as i got. anyone else try this?
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    thank you ravrob

    Thank you ravrob for the tip about ump. I didn't even know this existed. I tried it out by looking for some old obscure movies and it found every one I searched for. Some in hi def. That wasn't expected. Anyway thanks again. It just keeps getting better.:cool:
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    saying hello and your the best.

    i just dropped by to tell you all hello and to say you guys and gals are the best. i started in fta about ten or more years ago until they introduced new unbreakable cards. i floated around for a few years looking for something to replace fta with. i finally found it. xbmc/kodi and tvaddons...