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    Revo r3610 help

    I've just bought 2gb acer aspire revo r3610 solely for xbmc Previously had an ouya, Will I be better upgrading to 4gb ram? It's got windows 7 on,will I be ok just running from windows? Any other help,greatly appreciates as have no knowledge whatsoever other than running an ouya.
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    Had ouya for a year now,should I upgrade ?

    Has it become outdated?
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    Bt infinity

    Thinking of changing from sky broadband,is there any problems with the bt hub for watching xbmc through my ouya? Or using vpns ? Before I commit thanks
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    You tube

    The vevo music videos won't play on you tube,I guess this is because they have adverts on the front,is there a way to make them play even with the adverts at the front end? Thanks
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    Ouya help?

    I've done my own and my daughters ouya I'm on Ethernet and she is on wifi some movies will work on mine from a source but the exact same one won't play on my daughters,does it have a time limit for it to work?ie the wifi doesn't stream as quick then doesn't stream at all,if so is there a way of...
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    Forum down??

    Not been able to get on the hub for 3 days !! Anyone know what happemed?
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    Usb Headphones ouya

    Would usb earphones work with an ouya?
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    Problems with ouya?

    Movies keep kicking me out after 5 minutes on Ic*f*lms movies 25 etc, does anyone have any idea why? Thanks
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    Vpn private internet access how?

    How do I install it to get it to work
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    Jailbreak my ipad for xbmc

    Hi I want to put xbmc on my ipad mini running version iOS 7.0.4 is this possible and will it run the same as it is now and if things go wrong can I restore it to factory settings ? Thanks for any help
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    Multiple android device help

    I'm with sky broadband and have an ouya set up in bedroom by thinking of gettin a couple more for the kids,will this not work all sapping off the same broadband ? Thanks for any help guys
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    Merry Xmas xbmc guys

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    Ipad xbmc

    Hi I have an ipad mini and an ouya running xbmc,is there a way I can stream to my ipad mini from it?its on ios7,can I do this somehow? Thanks guys
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    Near silent Fan

    Just a tip if you think your ouya fan is noisy,I swapped mine for a nf-a4x10 flx ....much quieter and stops the mrs moaning that it's keeping her awake 😃
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    Help with skins

    I applied a skin during the week and it deleted everything,is this normal or did I do something wrong?i don't want things to change just for it to look a bit better than the conference one,anyone any tips of the best one to use for my ouya ?? Thnks in advance guys and thanks for all your help...
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    Xbmc YouTube help

    When I try to login using my @gmail and password it says ok on my phone..anyone any ideas? Thanks
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    Ouya questions

    My ouya is perfect at the moment and worried about future updates , the last one caused sound issues within xbmc , will the ouya auto update and if so can I stop this....? Thanks
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    Help with VPN

    Hi can anyone give a noob advice on the easiest way to use a VPN through my ouya I've never tried rooting anything(until my mele f10 pro comes)😁...can anyone do a idiots guide to installing VPN and the best one to use solely for my ouya ..any help would be appreciated to help me get roud these...
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    My ouya streams flawlessly,thanks for the advice on my good choice of hardware guys😃😃

    My ouya streams flawlessly,thanks for the advice on my good choice of hardware guys😃😃 Thanks xbmc hub guys got Ic*f*lms going and just watching latest walking dead 😀😀😀 1 channel not finding anything coming up with error message is that due to the uk block? or something I'm doing wrong?
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    Uk providers blocking streaming websites HELP PLZ

    Is there away of using third party software to bypass this on a ouya for xbmc , not setting up til Xmas as it's a gift and don't want all the sites blocked by the time I get it running lol...thanks for any advice