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    buffering on everything

    i dont understand it im getting 26mbs and almost everything in pheonix is buffering any advice thank you
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    kodi not centered on screen

    hi i have kodi installed on my windows 10 pc then hdmi to my avreciever then hdmi to my projector , now windows is centered fine but kodi looks over blown and off centered :confused:
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    3d help

    hi friends just set up my windows 10 pc everything works fine on kodi except 3d movies when they start i have 2 screens one above the other and only in the top half of the screen please advise on what settings i need to change on windows and kodi for it to work...
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    stuck on boot up

    i have reset my amazon fire tv after to many problems it was rooted when i got it , now all that happens is the green android robot appears after software update it updates so far then it just freezes then i get the message failed validation
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    5.1 dolby digital question

    which mini pc will play kodi 1080p and 5.1 DD
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    brain teaser

    how can a one eyed man see more than you ;)
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    minix x8h plus static noise

    every now and then i hear static click any ideas is this normal thank you ps info minix is connected via hdmi to av amp then to tv
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    netflix us

    can you get netflix us. on the amazon fire tv here in the uk
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    all in one mini pc advice

    what should i be looking at for 1080p and 5.1 surround sound via hdmi to a yamaha avreciever thank you
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    windows advice

    will a mini pc windows 8.1 play 1080p and 5.1 dolby digital ok from kodi , i was looking at this the sumvision mini pc windows 8.1
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    looking for this movie [ the great outdoors]

    can anyone tell me where i can find this movie please in tv addons repos
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    ihstall help

    hi friends been given a amazon fire tv off a friend who cannot work it out i connected it up all working fine gotham starts up ok but no repos have been installed when i tried to install 1 from the fusion addon i installed on it every repo i try i get installation failed any ideas friends
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    search box

    when i do a search i am getting this message, Your submission could not be processed because the token has expired.:confused:
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    movie info help

    hi friends when using the yatse app remote i press info for movie but get the reply not available at this level :(
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    5.1 movies

    which repo includes movies in 5.1 surround sound
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    external harddrive

    how do you connect one please all i seem to get when i open sda1 is empty file
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    minix neo x8h external hard drive help

    hi m8s set up and running have set downloads path but it gives me options like android/ download/00b /and so on witch do i pick thank you
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    [Redirect] low storage pop up

    hi m8s i got this message half way thru a film LOW STORAGE PLEASE REMOVE SOME APPS OR VIDEO STREAMING QUALITY WILL SUFFER , i have only had the box a week , this was not mentioned in the procure LOL PS whats the cure
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    5.1 acc help

    do you only get this with a optical cable connected my hdmi pass through only shows 2.0 on my amp
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    g-box midnight help

    Hi m8s i have a g-box flashed with j1nx linux from march 23 has there been any updates after this software release thanks