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    What skin are you using and why?

    Old post back to life, but hey, times change :P I'm using Kodi 17 default for some tests and using Aeon Nox Silvo for a Build I'm making.
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    What skin are you using and why?

    And what skin is that?
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    Send video to play on Vimeo AddOn

    Well, after tinkering more here and there, I finally found somewhere on the internet that a link format like this got the job done I will do more testings and make sure I get everything right, any tips and help about how to do this the correct way is appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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    Send video to play on Vimeo AddOn

    Hey guys, I'm still struggling with some stuff I want to achieve when playing around and trying different things. I want to add a menu item that links to a video on Vimeo. What would be the way to do it? I'm not sure what should I detail when adding something like this. Thanks a lot.
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    Need help fixing an addon

    At what point you get that error? The Addon as you linked, launchs for me, but apparently some URLs it point to are missing and don't work anymore. Example:
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    Need help with getting videos

    So, I'm very new to all this Kodi AddOn Development. I made so far a small add-on for me (for now) that is linking content from Youtube channels and playlists. I now want to try something more advanced, but I'm having some problems. Let's explain what I'm trying to do with this example so...
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    Hi there! New to the forum and with some questions

    Well after checking most of the sub-forums I guess I better start here. I landed on the forum after checking the main website and as this days I was "playing around" with coding my first Kodi AddOn I decided to make an account so I can ask a few questions for now. I did a very very basic addon...