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    Adding local episodes to an Addon

    One of the shows I have "Favorited" is Doll House. I saw listed in both SA*TS and 1 Channel the unaired pilot. It failed to play in either. So I found it online and downloaded it to my PC. Is there anyway to add this episode to an addon, 1Ch**nel is my go to. Since IChannel already lists this...
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    Constant Pausing/ Buffering of an Episode

    I have run into this problem a few times. I will be watching an Episode of a TV series and it will keep buffering every minute or lass. For instance Agents of Shield 1x7 the hub. The interesting thing is I have tried changing sources, changing addons ( 1 Channel and Genesis) Changing devices...
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    DVD extras

    Would love to see an addon with DVD extras, and other material that was released that may not be on the DVD. Especially directors tracks.
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    April Fools, Merry Christmas?

    I think it's about time the RSS feed was updated. Merry Christmas, really?
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    Using Kodi on multiple devices?

    I am running Kodi 14.1 on my Windows computer. I just bought an Android Tablet. I have loaded Kodi onto it. Is there an easy way to add all my addons and show libraries etc onto the Tablet?
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    Lost Sound

    The other day I had audio using Kodi today I don't. I have tried TV shows in 1Ch**nel and a movie in Genesis. I have sound on my computer. The audi levels within the Kodi video player are up. I can not see any mute buttons (is there one?). There is a speaker symbol on the top right corner of the...
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    General question , where should I save it.

    Hi. Love Kodi so far at least what I can get it to do. I have a general question, but can't seem to find a thread to ask it. So I am going to post it here and hope someone is kind enough to answer it. When saving TV shows there are many choices, Library, add on favorite, Kodi Favorite, Super...
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    MythTV not connecting to MySql

    I can not get Myth TV to work. It cannot connect to my SQL. Any ideas on a fix,. Thank you.