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    Same problem since Nov 14 in Canada according to reports. No word on the issue (that I could find) - hopefully it'll be fixed soon.
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    Question VPN

    I've had ongoing problems installing the vpn that comes with I have Kodi 18.4 on an nVidia Shield and use a current known addon for streaming movies and TV programs. Most of the time, all goes well but in the past four weeks or so I've had "No stream available" messages or the...
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    New to TV ADDONS, XBMC, Kodi

    Thanks, RavRob.
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    New to TV ADDONS, XBMC, Kodi

    Hello to All. I'm very new to the world of XBMC having bought an MXQ Pro box last summer with Kodi and Mobdro pre-installed. A lot of the technical language is new to me. That said, this past weekend I bought a one month membership in Premiumize.Me and was able to link it to Red B**rd which...