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    Kodi Question

    Fair enough. Will leave it for someone that might know a little more than me then. I guess run debugging then when it crashes send in the log.
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    Kodi Question

    I've ran it on worse. Have you tried SPMC?
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    If you've already got the log file in your email (with debugging turned on) then you are halfway there. Just make a thread in the relevant section to whatever you are having problems with and post some info on whats going on and the link to the log file there.
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    Kodi Question

    I'm not an expert, but I'm guessing like any other android app crash, your hardware isn't handling it. What are you running it on?
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    Getting the best performance from your Android TV box

    Good post, glad you found your way. Just to add, there is instructions on the kodi wiki for moving your kodi data to sd without having to use link2sd.
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    Release Animal TV Addon

    Thanks for the great addon, kids are really enjoying it. Some are a bit buffery but most work really well. The only one we can't open at all is goat TV which throws up a YouTube error. If we find our own good streams online would it help you if we listed them so they could be added or do you...
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    Fusion install no go

    From reading other threads there seems to be server issues right now. Try again another time
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    New visualizations?

    Anybody know of any other visualizations for kodi? Running 15.2 on android. I like the ones that come with it, but something different would be nice. I've tried searching through the repos I currently have, but haven't come across anything yet.
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    Is there an addon that allows you to put in your own source url?

    Thanks. I'm having more trouble than I thought finding a source, but if I do I will use cliq
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    Is there an addon that allows you to put in your own source url?

    There is a specific episode of a show I want to watch, but it's not showing up on any of the video addons I have as it's not on trakt. I am wondering if I manage to find my own source is there an addon that will let me type the url in and play it? Or even if it's possible to do it through kodi...
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    tennis channel addon or links

    Not sure about tennis, but Cas**way has a lot of sports
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    Kodi stuck on mute

    That seemed to only fix it temporarily, so i am needing help again. Clearing app preferences only works in keeping the volume on until the next time I use an android app (the volume is still on then, but any time i've used an android app and then turn the smp off and turn it back on later its on...
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    Can I have a kids section in my menu?

    Thanks, I am just using confluence right now. Was considering trying out a couple of others though although I haven't got around to it,mimic, amber, arctic zephyr, I will see if its available on any of those
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    Can I have a kids section in my menu?

    In the main menu where "movies","tv shows" etc is, i'm just wondering if it is possible to add more custom things? Specifically i'm wondering if I can have a section just for kids videos. I'm happy to make a seperate trakt list for them if I need to, just not sure if this is even possible.
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    Low bandwidth streaming Issues.

    In addition to the above, try changing buffer settings in advancedsettings.xml so you can have the biggest cache possible on your device. That way if you pause your stream at the beginning for a minute you have a good chance at getting a decent amount buffered before you start watching
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    Kodi stuck on mute

    Sorry, didn't see this response before I made my second post. Thanks for trying to help, hopefully one of our solutions will help people googling in the future
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    Kodi stuck on mute

    Managed to solve the problem. Apparently the sound on android needs to be up before kodi is opened, thats why kodi was still muted even when I turned the android volume up, and that was a problem as I use the xbmc launcher so kodi is the first thing that opens. I still don't know why the SMP...
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    Kodi stuck on mute

    Hi, A couple of days ago my Kaiser Baas SMP (android) randomly started having the volume right down when I first turn it on, and of course this means kodi is muted and has the red mute icon also. When I use the volume controls on my keyboard it turns up the volume in android, but there is still...
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    Old guy discovering kodi :)

    Cas**way has live tv maybe the oscars will be on there? I'm not sure what channel the oscars is showing on so I can't be certain
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    Looking for an addon with kids/family movies to use as widget

    Following. Always on the lookout for the best new thing to put on the kids smp