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    Could latest FTV 5.0.4 software update have broken subtitles search on Kodi?

    Is this possible? Last sunday while using a Genesis and SA*TS video add-on, I tried to download a subtitle as usual but I got an error with every single subtitle add-on. This also happens with every other add-on and even my local media. The only thing that occurs to me, given that it was working...
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    Video Problems With Kodi 15 and 15-1

    I'm experiencing exactly the same issues ever since Isengard betas. This is nothing to do with "old devices", I've experienced this even with a 4GB RAM Intel Core i3 PC, a Nexus 7 (2013) tablet, and brand new Amazon Fire TVs, and sticks, and they evidently have the power to run Kodi, at least in...
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    Lag/Interface issues with isengard 15.0?

    Definitely not running low on storage, plenty available. Yes, I have advancedsettings for network, but I had the same one in Helix and all good there.
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    Uninstall Heliix before installing Isengard on Firestick?

    Genesis HD streams for example. Whenever I try to play from sources like Ic*f*lms or realdebrid HD videos, it plays fine for 2 seconds and then stuttering and no audio happens. Kodi 14.2 plays everything just fine though.
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    Lag/Interface issues with isengard 15.0?

    Same here. Tried Isengard alphas and betas and thought final release would fix everything. It did not. Even now that 15.1 is out is still the same. This happens also with my Nexus 7 tablet, so I think this is related to Android devices and not specifically for Amazon Fire TV. The issue is this...
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    Horrible buffering even at LQ stream

    Mexico here. The thing is, I get perfect streaming on their website. The problem has to be with the add-on. Oddly enough, a week after originally posted this, all seems to work better. So I really don't know what's going on.
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    Horrible buffering even at LQ stream

    There's something odd with this add-on. I've used other live streams paid services add-ons and all of them work flawlessly but this one. It just can't be possible that even choosing a low quality stream in settings you get horrible buffering. No, it's not my download speed, I've tested it many...
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    Same here. Buffering even at low quality video and with 10mb/s internet connection.
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    1Ch**nel is giving errors because a metahandler bug. It's a known bug right now that it will solve itself.
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    Same problemas here. I tried to force refresh on all repos and still all addons say Broken
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    after a few days of new image video/audio starts to skip

    Stable you said. Not fast. IMHO XBMC GUI in Pivos XIOS on Android still feels slow compared to Linux
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    after a few days of new image video/audio starts to skip

    No way. Are you referring to the official and latest may 10th Android firmware? Impossible! XBMC is still slow as hell. Linux firmware is still way faster and stable.
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    Newly Jailbroken Apple TV 2 (yesterday) - Worked fine then unplugged and doesn't work

    That annoying process is required ONLY with the latest Apple TV software (5.2.1) because of the tethered jailbreak. I am in 5.2 with an untethered jb and don't have to do that everytime I unplug the unit. I you'd made a research prior to 'resetting' your Apple TV maybe you'd found out that you...
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    i phone connecting to atv2 ?

    With iPhone 4 you're only capable of airplaying video and audio content, no mirroring capabilities. And, by the way, mirroring doesn't work within xbmc, you have to be in Apple TV interface
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    Xbmc now working on iOS 5.2 for Apple TV 2

    It seems that there's a bug with the new Apple TV 5.2 feature bluetooth keyboards and XBMC
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    Happy times are back! XBMC is working again in ATV 5.2!

    Just as this moment, Memphiz, a XBMC developer just posted in XBMC official forums that XBMC is now working in ATV2 5.2. Happy times are back!
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    Slower download speeds with Frodo?

    Have aynone else noticed this strange behavior?
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    Slower download speeds with Frodo?

    So, this is not an Apple TV exclusive issue? Interesting
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    eden or frodo ?

    I've jailbroken 6 Apple TVs in the last week, installed XBMC Frodo, and in all of them 1Ch**nel and Ic*f*lms are running perfectly fine. Why don't you post logs in each addon forum to see if a developer could help you.
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    Slower download speeds with Frodo?

    Well, this is a weird issue. I've clean installed XBMC 12.0 Frodo on 4 Apple TV 2 that were previously on Eden. Loving Frodo so far, the new features are great and everything, but I've noticed one strange issue: Everything that I try to download within XBMC (repos, addons, metadata, skins) takes...