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    Hi. A couple of months ago I started a website. It's goal is to collect and present the best music documentaries available. They are collected manually, but removed automatically if they go offline/gets taken down/etc. I would absolutely love it if someone could turn this site into an addon. I...
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    Best/most stable addon for TV/movies

    Hello. I was wondering which addons are best for a clean, stable user experience when streaming tv-series and movies. Atm I'm using Genesis, which is good, but late at night (especially around the weekends) I'm struggelig to stream HD content (probably because of heavy traffic). I could pay...
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    Ouya vs ATV2 for xbmc

    Which is the better? I'm not really impressed by the speed/stability of ATV2 running xbmc. Also the ATV2 is unable to display 720 streams from starstreams (it all looks like slo mo).