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    KODI for IOS (No Jailbreak)

    I have a similar question. Installed Tweakbox on ipad2. Chose Kodi from Tweakboxapps. Set up the profile to trust the kodi supplier. Installed a couple of Addons like indigo and github browser.. Everything worked fine for a week. Then it started giving an error saying verify trusted vendor...
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    how to install openelec on mx2

    Found in var\media\sdcard. Thanks
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    how to install openelec on mx2

    I am trying to copy the downloaded files to an SD Card using WINSCP, but can not find the SD Card! It can find only the root. Any other way of copying to SD Card? Kindly advise, Many thanks
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    how to install openelec on mx2

    Can I use the files from link OpenELEC-Amlogic.MX2.arm-5.95.3 to update from 5.0.3 on Matricom MX2? Please advise,Thanks
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    My g-box midnight mx2 box picture not showing

    I had the same problem of No Video on MX2 running Kodi on Android. Unchecked the Acceleration options and it worked! However on Livestreams it created a problem with audio not sync-ing with the video! So, I had to switch it back to original settings when I want to watch Livestreams. However...
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    G-box Q and kodi

    I use TWO Q Boxes with Kodi 14.2 and do not have any complaints at all! Except the fact that I am not at all happy with the Remote Control that comes with it. Now I switched to a Wireless Mouse and it solved the problem too! I do get messages to upgrade to the latest 15.x version. Tried but many...
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    Request MX2 Owner Opinions Changing from Android to OpenELEC?

    I use my MX2 with OpenElec 5.0.3 and is great! Runs Kodi 14.2 and everything works except the scroll button my wireless mouse. Most of the add-ons are still not compatible with Kodi 15.x and therefore no need to worry about Kodi 15.x. My only concerns are: 1) There is no Internet Browser in...