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    New visualizations?

    Anybody know of any other visualizations for kodi? Running 15.2 on android. I like the ones that come with it, but something different would be nice. I've tried searching through the repos I currently have, but haven't come across anything yet.
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    Is there an addon that allows you to put in your own source url?

    There is a specific episode of a show I want to watch, but it's not showing up on any of the video addons I have as it's not on trakt. I am wondering if I manage to find my own source is there an addon that will let me type the url in and play it? Or even if it's possible to do it through kodi...
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    Can I have a kids section in my menu?

    In the main menu where "movies","tv shows" etc is, i'm just wondering if it is possible to add more custom things? Specifically i'm wondering if I can have a section just for kids videos. I'm happy to make a seperate trakt list for them if I need to, just not sure if this is even possible.
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    Kodi stuck on mute

    Hi, A couple of days ago my Kaiser Baas SMP (android) randomly started having the volume right down when I first turn it on, and of course this means kodi is muted and has the red mute icon also. When I use the volume controls on my keyboard it turns up the volume in android, but there is still...
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    Question about buffering while watching movies

    Hi, i'm able to stream tv episodes fine, but often when watching movies I either can't get it to load enough at the beginning to get it to start without stopping to buffer again nearly straight away, or occasionally it will seem to go well then suddenly do this part way through. Right now I am...
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    Best skin for low spec smp

    Right now I am using confluence but want to try something different. Aeon nux seemed a little slow. I am using a kaiser baas smp (android). What is suitable or should I stick with confluence if I don't have a htpc?
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    Request Parental control add on.

    I know one of these already exists, but this simply blocks whole add ons. I would love to see something that could work in conjunction with add ons to just block the adult content, so you could set it for whatever rating you want, PG and under for example. I'm not sure if this would even be...
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    New here

    Just dropping in to say hi. I have been using kodi for about 4 months now. I initially came here for help with a specific problem, but hope to become an active member here :)