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    Desperate for some technical help

    Desperate for some technical help Gone to reset up my i3 nuc running openelec this morning. Like to reset it couple times a year etc Anyway having reinstalled latest stable openelec I went to add my movies. I get an error message that it's unable to connect to remote server I can add tv shows...
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    CCM - Confluence Customizable Mod

    I have my XBMC setup using Confluence Customizable Mod from the Hybrid Repo. Its perfect for my needs. Have a simple front end menu and everything I need is just a couple of remote clicks away at most. Including a Random movie playlist and my "suggested" list of TV shows. As development...
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    Does xbmc use full bandwidth by default

    I know sounds a stupid question, but not convinced that when streaming the full speed of my broadband is being used, I only have 4mb speed, but if I start streaming something then run a speed test I still get just under 2mb speed making me think xbmc is only using half my speed for streaming
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    A better shutdown / suspend programme

    I know there is a built in one, but it's a bit limited in that it has a maximum of 2 hours and only two options Is there anything better ? I'd love for my box to go into suspend when not used, but wake up for couple hours around one in morning, update my subscriptions and library, then go back...
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    What skins ?

    Is there a list of skins which allow, as confluence modified does, the following Your favourites available on the home screen by the favourites icon in a corner (not on menu bar) Allow you to remove items from the menu bar and fully edit what's in there Allow you to do the same with the sub menu
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    Nuc and firmware

    I have a celeron based nuc How do I (a) know which firmware I have and (b) know if I need to upgrade it Oh and I guess (c) idiot guide how to upgrade
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    Nuc anf flirc

    Any tips no matter what I try and do I cannot get the flirc to work with a harmony remote-control I get far too many repeat commands it just doesn't work The first few commands work fine then I just get loads of repeat commands
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    A few little "niggles"

    Not huge problems but annoying none the less I'm using openelec on a pi booting from sd and running from a USB 3.0 stick Overlclocked to just under turbo speed along with heat syncs on chips and a case with a small hole in it All is stable but the issues I have are (1) sound drop outs. Only...
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    Try as I might, cant get Tv to work with PI via HDMI

    Its certainly an HDMI issue and one with the TV (as same Pi works on other TVs) but cant work it out The TV in question is in our bedroom, its a rather old Sharp LC37RD2E which I know CANNOT do 1080p however it can do 720p and 1080i and does so from both an XBOX 360 and PS3 and also an XBOX...
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    Amber modified ?

    My current skin of choice is confluence modified The reason being is for my xbmc I only have one "page" for my front end from which everything is available It's called FILM & TV and clicking in that takes you to video addons, whilst under it are sub menus for movies, tv, programs, file manager...
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    Yet another Cache question - Tuxen, can you help

    Ok, as has been mentioned before I have certain problems with certain files when trying to stream on my PI using things like MashUP and 1Ch**nel My internet speed is around 4MB SD content is fine, plays with no trouble, HD content plays also UNLESS said HD content has a 5.1 soundtrack Now my...
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    Making collections

    I have my library set up so films show as collections but I would like to set up a few custom ones if possible I had a quick go and managed to get them to show under the name I wanted However no info was shown for the collection and also no artwork etc Any step by step guides for simpletons
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    Random playback

    I work nights and struggle to sleep but find having tv on with something familiar playing helps Is it possible with xbmc on the pi to have it play various episodes of various tv shows in a random order ? And have thus random order to change each time ?
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    Where have my films gone ?

    Strange one but having just set up a new pi build and scraped my movies it seems a good dozen or more are "missing" They are not picked up by the scraper at all When I browse to the files I have folders for them, but before when I clicked "I" I would get the option to edit etc now I get nothing...
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    Sharing library between 2 PIs

    I have followed this guide but unless im missing something I dont get I have heard about SQL but no idea and sounds too complicated to just do what I need
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    Cache filled before reaching required amount for continuous play

    I keep getting the above, no matter what addon I tend to use, when streaming from online Can it be solved ?
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    HELP ! Where have my SMB share options gone

    My media is stored on a zyxel nas and up til 5 minutes ago my pi streamed from it fine using the windows network smb option I would select that, select workgroup and go from there however when I now go to windows network smb there is nothing there ! No option to choose workgroup or nothing...
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    Troggy and his image

    Troggy, it's brilliant ! I've used it to make my own "one screen" xbmc where everything I use is all on that one page and two of my mates have an exact image of it too It works great. It's fast and it works. What more could you ask for . However I do have one tiny issue ( which may not be...
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    Outputting two different things to two different displays. An idiot asks ......

    This is my Kit Attached to this I have What I want to do is the following Have my desktop, main windows use etc be output full screen to my Dell monitor via DVI and have the sound output via my soundboard to my desktop speakers and at the same time Have XBMC output to my Plasma via HDMI...
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    Has anyone moved on from the PI and not regretted it

    Now I have mine working as I want it with xbmc I am amazed by how many friends and family would now be interested in one. However is there anything better ? I see a number of android based devices coming out, how are these ? Are they an better ? Are they faster ?