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    Help for Regex

    Its work perfect! thanks
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    Anyone got the Unblock UBOX4 C800 Plus TV box

    Thanks jokster.
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    option Dual (audio video)

    Good idea!
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    URLResolver and RealDebrid issues

    interesting. Thanks
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    'Rejuvenate kodi' in indigo

    thanks sytax
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    Help for Regex

    I could not see the pastebin. Is it possible that you upload it again? Many thanks
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    Help for Regex

    Is it possible to have a makelist for this URL please? hXXps:// Thanks
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    Help for Regex

    thanks work perfect
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    Help for Regex

    Hi! Can u help me with a regex for this site? hxxps:// Thanksss
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    Hello. Just wanted to say hello, its a great job you are doing here, many thanx to you all