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    Kodi 18 Skins

    Try Arctic Horizon and Esturby Mod skins are light ones which I tried.
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    De**an Del***ht

    @gujal Dear Developer, I have a request to update the above mentioned addon from your repo. For some scrappers i see links which are supported by debrid providers like mixdrop but when I try to play any of these links Debrid service authorized from the ResoleURL is not being used. Could you...
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    CDN Direct Links Now playing

    Hi All, I am using Deca**n Deli**t addon to watch Hindi catch up TV. In that I am getting CDN Direct links from the Apne TV section for the full episodes but Kodi is unable to play them. How can we make those links to play. Regards, Sunny.
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    Norton VPN

    All VPN's are compatible with Kodi.
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    Request Request for Add-on for

    Hi All, Can anyone please create the video add-on for the website. Tv On Desizone add-on used to have the content from this website but its not working anymore now.
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    Tv ** Desi**ne

    If possible could you please create one for DesiRulz as well.
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    Tv ** Desi**ne

    Will check it, Thank You!!
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    Tv ** Desi**ne

    Hi ALl, Can anyone suggest me an alternative for the Tv ** Desi**ne addon to watch Indian TV content? Thanks and Regards, Sathish.
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    Indigo - Restore backup error on Sony Bravia

    Dear Moderator, I followed the same steps to post the log link from pastebin but the forum auto showing the content inside it. Next time I will make sure on how to avoid it.
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    Indigo - Restore backup error on Sony Bravia

    Hi All, Good day, I setup all my addons in Kodi 18.2 on my Oneplus and I created a full backup of it using indio tools. I copied the backup zip to my another mobile S7 edge with Same kodi version and was able to restore the backup with Indigo. But when I have tried to restore the backup on...