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    Need run acestream on kodi

    Hello.How can do I run acestream on kodi? I try this link ace but not working. acestream://38d77beafa2a8763686f76576480e9f73d9ae3e6
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    Question Can't pm for anyone

    I have a problem a few month ago.I'm not stll pm for anyone,no appear menu start a conversation.I'm noob,and need anyone help me this.Many thanks
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    update inputstream adaptive Coreelec

    Hello group.I'm using Coreelec ver.9.2.7 (ver latest) and I have a problem. Addon video inputstream adaptive no auto update to ver 2.4.7 and higher.My ver I'm using is,also I can't play BBCiplayer,or Netflix... Can someone help me update it.Tks you.
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    I can’t send messenger for anyone

    Sorry due my thread not related in forum but how to I want to send mesenger for anyone,I to try new conversation but it’s noticed 403 you don’t permission.Thanks all!