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    how to regex a site using different tags

    I was looking at some examples pipcan made and I track 100% but in his video he uses the <img alt=> tags how would I combine these tags into one to play the video url of the video and show thumbnail in veiw. <a href="/video-movie-bashment-a-fork-in-the-road.nnhyopSnmaqHaIY.html" class="thumb"...
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    Request My first Music addon

    Hello Devs, I am a newbie to coding python, and I was able to fork a version of music addon, and started to edit the code. I need as much help as possible. I listen to a lot of reggae and this website ( provides reggae mixtapes as well as other music. I wanted to create a...
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    Nito Installer - issues & problems

    Hello Dev's I have a problem with my Atv2 it appears that when I update my nito updates it removed XBMC that I had working great. Needless to say I jailbreaked my device over. installed nito from the installer on ipad now i get a message saying ( E: Type "libcurl.4.dylib" is not known on line...
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    Advanced Launcher

    Hey Devs, have anyone of you seen this XBMC integration using this type of launcher. Some of this stuff is really cool.
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    Youtube plugin script error atv2

    I know this support is suppose to go to the youtube plugin team @ XBMC website, but I went there to the mac support and I cannot find anything to help fix my youtube script error. Can anyone look at my pastebin file and see if you can help me and I will share this with others on that site...
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    Crystal HD

    I cam across a posting talking about crystal HD drivers that support 1080p, but how do you install this to your ATV's, I would like anyone's feed back on this if anyone has done it. In addition is this something that could be added to fusion installer, so that we don't have to ssh into the...