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    Delete Nevermind sorry.
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    what happened to entertainment hub

    His Repo is at
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    XBMC-Adult Addons/

    Nixy123 over at the KODI forums has fixed it:
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    Addon Request

    Another great site is Anyone??
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    Addon Request

    This site has tons of channels and would make a great addon. Can some developer take a crack at it. The site is
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    Streamza (New Service)

    Here's mine:
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    Noobroom Invite

    Can we get those of you who have invite codes to Noobroom to post them in a thread just like the one's in the What The Furk thread? I know I would be much appreciative of one and it would stop all the begging. What say you?
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    Error on startup - Help!

    Thanks Krunchy, uninstalling NTV did it!
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    Error on startup - Help!

    This is a new installation. About a week old. I'm running on Windows 8 (Frodo 12.2). Just today every time I start up XBMC I get the following error message "error script failed:". What's wrong? Log:
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    Hi there!

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd put my first post here to say I'm new to XBMC and probably have a lot to learn. So where would you suggest someone who is totally new to all this start?