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  1. J

    Help Fire Stick Restaring itself

    crawl thanks however the whole stick was rebooting it corrected when I plugged it into the wall.
  2. J

    Help Fire Stick Restaring itself

    Anyone else having or had this issue please help any suggestions
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    Help Fire Stick Restaring itself

    Hi I wanted to know if anyone is having issues with fire stick restarting itself at odd moments when connected to the tv's usb. I have had mine connected like that for over a week and had no issues just yesterday i noticed while in navigating around kodi fire stick would reboot itself. any help...
  4. J

    Amazon Fire STICK - Is it easy to load up KODI on it?

    To install kodi on fire stick is very simple I followed the instruction on this you tube video from tech god and here is a link on how to get shortcut on fire stick main page. Total time took me about 10-15 min and i am running 4 sticks...
  5. J

    Updating on Fire TV

    you should already have everything up to date is you are running 14.2 stable it could have said to try the latest version on tvmc you should be ok
  6. J

    What antenna are you using? I have cut the cord need help.

    wow very creative unfortunately that is one of my weak sides lol so i would have to stick with store bought antenna.
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    What antenna are you using? I have cut the cord need help.

    I would like to connect 4 to 5 tv's. I would also like to use the existing cables from satellite i disconnect as as cable lengths my house does not have an attic roof is concrete so cables run outside around the house to each room the farthest cable run goes from SE end of the house all the way...
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    What antenna are you using? I have cut the cord need help.

    Thanks to all this is what i got from tvfool just not sure what type of outdoor roof antenna to pick my house has no attic so that is not an option. therefor i would need to that can stand up to the sun and humidity her in...
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    What antenna are you using? I have cut the cord need help.

    Have you cut the cord and setup an ota "over the air antenna i would like to know what your setup is. please share and location i am in south Florida thanks.
  10. J

    Have you cancelled your cable TV subscription yet?

    I canceled direc tv 3 days ago i had both cable and satellite since my cable company could not provided hd and drv service that directv had to offer. However i still need to remain with cable since they are my internet provider. I now stream everything i am not a big sports fan so i don't have a...
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    Do you have Android TV yet?

    Don't know if it should be called android box but it is android based. I am using a fire tv and also have xbmc on my laptop for testing of new add on's
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    Optical - working well?

    Thanks g77 I was wondering the same go to go purchase optical cable.
  13. J

    Sleep MODE

    My fire tv sleeps I used steps for semi bypass on section 4.3.1 Semi Bypass on requires root
  14. J

    can we still root firetv or not ?

    I read it was version version How ever I did purchase mine last week from my local B.Buy store and it had version on it and since I didn't give it any time to update I was able to root it. I believe with the new version you just cant root how ever you can still...
  15. J

    Unroot fire tv. Has anyone unrooted fire tv

    yeah I didn't mean unroot now that I understand a little better what I ment to say was remove the options I had loaded to load past amazon screen automaticly how would that be done
  16. J

    Great Airplay app that works on FireTV (allows mirroring of iphone)

    I purchased the app airplaydmr form amazon app store and it freezes a lot tried playback from two different iphone 5s and an iphone 3 and had same result
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    Unroot fire tv. Has anyone unrooted fire tv

    Has anyone unrooted fire tv I am newbie I have rooted my fire tv and and did a semi bypass found here and would like to remove it. I also wanted to try perhaps a full by pass but I am hesitant to since I am scared to not...