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    Internal storage

    I am hoping someone can help me find some space on my internal storage. Under storage settings my ouya lists- total space: 5.78 gb, Apps: 807 mb, Available: 1.68 gb. Obviously the numbers don't add up so I am wondering where to look for the files ( if any) that are eating up my space. I have...
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    Installing repos not in fusion

    I am running crystalbuntu 2.0 on my atv1, I use terminal and cyberduck to ssh in from my mac. Can someone explain how to use the commands : sudo chmod -R 777 /root/.xbmc or sudo -s to get around the write protection in root. I am fairly new to this operating system so I don't really understand...
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    Best wifi stick for ATV1 w/ crystalhd card & CB2

    I just setup an ATV 1 with crystalbuntu 2.0, replaced wifi card with crystalhd. It is installed on the hard drive and was wondering which USB wifi stick is supported (if any) by CB 2. Anyone do this and have a recommendation would be appreciated. Did some research on the web but couldn't come...
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    XBMC on Iphone 4s - hub maintenance script failed and general setup questions

    Hello all, I just installed xbmc on my jb iphone 4s 5.1.1 and used the hub wizard to configure ( which worked great and am glad I finally had a reason to try it) but when I try to open hub maintenance I get a script error. I was also wondering if anyone...
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    Where is this addon?

    Is this in a repo? It seems interesting I searched for it but couldn't find any info.
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    Laker fanatic

    Would it be possible to make a add on. I know they are being lame with even regular cable providers about coverage with their new monopoly on laker games but thought I would ask.
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    Question about clearing cache to minimize buffering

    Hello, First off let me say thank you to everyone here for this site. It has been invaluable for me in learning how to unlock all the hidden potential of XBMC. So I have two apple tv 2 that are running eden with fusion and wanted to clear some disk space to help with buffering. I deleted...