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    I'm Having Issues With the Youtube Addon It Keeps Saying Bad Request Error? HELP!!!

    I enjoyed using the Youtube addon witht he custom tvmc tvaddons set up that i got from this site. However right now i am having issues with it. It keeps saing Bad request error when i try to search for a video..... whats going on? I'm trying to uninstall it but a message pops up saying that I...
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    How often should one reinstall the config wizard for tv addons?

    Its been a while since i did a fresh reinstall of the config wizard, I think I should to get all the latest addons and updates but I don't want to lose my favorites... is there a way to do this?
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    Has Pho*nix on Kodi stopped working?

    I'm having some issues with Kodi and the TV Addons Build, In any case it has been a while since I have done a fresh install of the config wizard. However I don't want to lose all my settings and favorites. How can i properly make a back up of my current kodi settings and reinstall the Tvaddons...
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    Is Getting a VPN to use Kodi really necessary? How many of you actually use a VPN?

    I'm still new to this whole tv box streaming thing. I have a generic quad core android box. The specs can be found here if interested Everything seems to be working fine and I can stream content with the addons that were provided by the config wizard from the tvaddons website. However i keep...
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    I have Kodi 15.2 isengard but is that the latest?

    What is the latest Kodi Build?
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    How can i upgrade My Kodi Jarvis Version without losing my favorites and settings!!!!

    I Keep getting a notice everytime I open up kodi to go to this to upgrade to the latest version. I would like to do that if it will mean that my kodi program will run more smoothly. However I already have kodi installed and don't want to lose my settings! is there a way to...
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    I got a message about updating to the new TVMC but its only for windows i think?

    so i get a message when i boot up my kodi to a message that says head on over to tvmc for a new update download does anyone know anything about this? should i do it?
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    New to tvaddons and xbmc in general! But what is exactly TV Addons?

    So i followed this random guys youtube tutorial on adding applications to xbmc, i think it was some fusion repo or somthing and after the installation my entire xbmc app was transformed to my surprise. The background and logo changed and the logo was similiar to the one on this website called...