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    USTVNow Plus New and Old Account Not Working

    Hi, I have been having problems with USTVNow Plus addon for a while now. I had an existing account (free), before using the addon. I started using the addon since it became available. I did not have any major problems with the addon until a few weeks ago, when it started, after selecting a...
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    Gotham and Isengard on same Android Device?

    Can you have Gotham and Isengard co-existing on the same android device? I would like to do this for testing purposes if possible. Thanks.
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    Video Cache Progress Bar Colour

    I am using the "re-touched" skin and I am wondering if anyone knows how to change the colour of the video cache progress bar. Currently it is a medium grey colour and I would like to change it to a brighter colour to make it more visible. If anyone can tell me how this could be done, I would...