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    My favorite addon blacklisted

    A few days ago I installed a great video addon. Easily the best I've seen! Today I found out it's blacklisted. I think I'm blocked from naming it. Let's just say the developer seems to like Star Wars. Question: Where can I find the reasons for blacklisting? Is continued use dangerous...
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    How to add watchfree to Nep**ne R**ing

    Can anyone tell me how? Thanks
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    Streams die

    Hi, I asked for help on this a few months ago. The problem: While watching a show it will quit. Often two of the times in a one hour show. I can restart and if often remembers where it left off. This only happens with Kodi, both Amazon video and Nettflix never have a problem. I bought a...
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    Since 17.0 upgrade videos die in mid stream

    When the video dies (I.e. stops playing) it returns to the prior screen where I'm able to restart; sometimes from where it stopped, sometimes not. This has been happening quite frequently, sometimes 2 or 3 times in a one hour program. There is no message and never says 'Buffering" I've set...
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    Upgrade to 17.0 problems (from 16)

    After the upgrade every time I start kodi, it repeats the add-on migration process and says it disabled the Python image library. Afterwards several addons won't load including SA*TS and N*viX. I assume something went wrong in the upgrade but have no idea how to fix it. Can I go back to...