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    Ouya and FTP

    Ok I know this has been discussed before to some extent but here's my problem... Am setting up another Ouya I've had laying around and am wanting access to it via ftp. This Ouya took the latest firmware update and for some reason will not work with ESfile Explorer like my other Ouya. I've...
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    Ouya and Netflix

    What is the real reason they yet don't have an official Netflix app ? No talk about the sideloaded version and the mele remote I'm talking about a version that works out-of-the-box. Seems like core functionality to me.
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    I had a thought...

    Since we can launch Android Apps from within xbmc and since the sideloaded Netflix app is clunky... Is there a way to automate the playing of Netflix content by passing the name of a movie/tv show to the app ? And is there a way to scrape Netflix content into the xbmc Library ?
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    PC and Multi-View nvidia card

    I have an older lcd at 1024x768 hooked to the analog port of my nvidia 210 vid card and a 720p projector hooked via hdmi. I want to have xbmc output to both monitors at the same time in two different resolutions as the lcd won't output 720p. Is this possible and if so how ?
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    Add Item to Context Menu

    Being lazy and not wanting to exit an addon when several menu layers deep by using the Back button I thought it would be useful to have Home in the context menu. I know the Home function exists but does anyone know how to globally add it to the context menu ?
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    Ouya Kickstarter Unit vs Release Unit

    This may be a silly question... Are these two units identical and if not what are the differences ?
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    Possible Bug ??

    Frodo 12.2 for Android with reTouched and Confluence Skins on Galaxy Note2 If I pull up the Addon Settings for any addon that has more subheadings than will fit inside the window the right side scrollbar is inop and any menu items residing off screen are inaccessible. I hope that made sense...
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    Choppy Playback Timer Runs Backwards !!

    This is driving me nuts. If I try to play a video on my atv2 it sometimes plays at like 1 frame per second and if I watch the timer it counts up one or two seconds AND THEN GOES BACKWARD. What the hell is going on ?
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    Host an XML file as Site Advertising

    For atv3 owners. Maybe have some how-to vids (show off the Fusion Installer, the Hub Wizard and the Maintenance tool as well as the homegrown addons) and an invite to visit/register and generate more traffic here as a sort of gateway drug lol.
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    Atv3 Exploit and xbmc

    Ok I have no right to be posting in here hehe but would like to see this off the ground. I know this would be better posted at .org but I'd rather look ignorant to you guys than them lol. Question (if even phrased properly) is does/can...
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    Can Anyone Decode this for me ?

    I was given this file to start the lircd daemon at startup to enable remote control features for my RPi. (hope I said that correctly, lol) #!/bin/sh (modprobe lirc_rpi; \ while [ ! -e /var/run/lirc/lircd-lirc0 ]; do sleep 1; \ done if [ -h /var/run/lirc/lircd ]; \ then logger...
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    RPi vs ATV2

    I'm not wanting to start a debate here because I own both but I suspect as per some of the posts here that my RPi is not performing up to task. Menus are choppy and speed is lacking. So help me try to nail some basic customizations down... First, does everyone here have the MPEG2 license for...
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    Please Help me Refrain from Taking a Bat to my RPi

    Or at least a strong verbal tongue lashing lol Im trying to use a 3.3v tsop ir receiver I bought on ebay with a spare atv2 remote (silver). I've hooked it up as per directions to the gpio header and I get nada. I don't have a part number for it but was told pin one (left most - output) to pin...
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    Atv2 no read-ahead buffer

    I swear my atv2 used to buffer the stream and now it doesn't. Is that governed by the cachemembuffersize setting ? I have tried all of the ones in Maintenance and none of them made a difference...