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    Add-on installer not working

    You said something about Krypton V17, At this time the addon installer under programs menu does not work with Krypton. The addon will load, however it will not show you a list of addons you can install from within. You have to go back to jarvis to utilize the addon installer from fusion.
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    Fusion zip files not showing up

    Like another user said, if you wanting to ensure fusion is working, check the source in an internet browser. If you get the list, you know the server is working and there is some issue with the setup on your end or connectivity of the box to the internet.
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    Beta Fusion installer, program addon installer question

    Hey all, I am new to the forum but a long time user of Kodi. I have a question, I recently tried out a beta version of Kodi V17 Krypton. I upgraded from Kodi 16.1 so all my add ons were intact. But if I go into the Add on installer of fusion in the program menu and click on any of the options...