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    Sio2-x skin

    I suggest to place your icons in a folder outside the skin.. otherwise the will inevitably get overwritten with every update... you can select them anyways by browsing the volumes.
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    Sio2-x skin

    ;) soon (before releasing the update) I might even need some brave testers already on XBMC Gotham... just sayin'.
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    Sio2-x skin

    this can be achieved customizing the upcoming Sio2X update... ..soon in an XBMC near you ;)
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    script to edit an xml file

    Is there any way to edit parts of an xml file via script?
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    Sio2-x skin

    thread coming soon.
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    Hide logo on confluence (default) by editing home.xml

    copy the whole confluence folder somewhere else. edit the home.xml file edit the addon.xml where it says <addon id="skin.confluence" version="2.1.5" name="Confluence" provider-name="Jezz_X, Team XBMC"> change it into <addon id="skin.myconfluence" version="2.1.5"...
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    unable to install SIO2 on mac

    could You post details of the way You fixed it... it could help somebody else in the future ;) Thanks!
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    need help with updating code to frodo

    where can I find the source code for this skin? have you checked this: I believe that the Aeon skin is still getting updates, so I'm a little lost on what You need to do... if you get me a zip...
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    Apple Tv 2 Problems (rebooting needlessly)

    Patron it is.
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    Hey all

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    Hello All.....

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    Apple Tv 2 Problems (rebooting needlessly)

    SSH: LINK if still too complicated try here LINK 2
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    Rating overlay in lists

    can I peep at your code?
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    Rating overlay in lists

    edit!! --wait--- completely though You were talking about something else!!! MY ABSOLUTE BAD!!!! set label2 sorry.:rolleyes:
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    Rating overlay in lists

    nope don't use label2, listItem.label2 & listitem.Rating are 2 different properties for us skinners. it will look messed up is you fill label2 with ratings values.. ;)
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    installing si02 skin

    Post a few more details... anyway a quick headsup: 1 install the repo (Fastcolors) you find here : REPO LINK 2 Go back to addons and select GET ADDONS 3 Select Fastcolors Repo and Skin and Install the Skin 4 Frodo should ask You if you want to switch to SiO2 when done Installing. 5. Even...
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    Quartz Skin in frodo 12
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    View setting not sticking with any addons

    Thanks. :cool:
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    Xbmc back button '..'

    I didn't know it was for a plugin :) oops! my bad.... should have considered which forum i was in... :( You could avoid includes.xml by rewriting the entire code.. but nonetheless If it uses standard views it won't work. But In addons like Na*i-X, which uses its own windows it could work...
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    Quartz Skin in frodo 12

    It cannot in the official XBMC repo... Give it a spin, it's based on the ATV2 interface, with lots of added features.'s so easy to use some call it the wifey charmer... ;)