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    Recommend t.v. shows.

    Thought I'd start a thread here about t.v. shows users would recommend to others. I've recently finished True Detective. It was a show i read good things about but put of watching till now; usually i find that shows with big time actors etc don't usually live up to the hype. Wow, what a show...
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    Unsupported Content

    Hi mods, wasn't quite sure where to post this so figured the lounge should do. What I and I am sure many users of the hub have seen is the constant mention of unsupported addons etc. Sometimes numerous times by same poster. This has prob being suggested before and not sure of logistics. But tge...
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    Adding to library

    Hope this right place to post. no probs adding stuff to library but I am wanting to add a couple of home movies for kids. Can add as source but it doesn't add to library. Is this possible? And if so how? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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    Giving thanks!!!!

    Hi, couldn't find if this has been done. If it has apologies. I thought I would start a thread giving thanks to all the devs who give up their free time with their brilliant addons. Allowing us using all our free time watching whatever, whenever we want. So may I start saying thank you to all...
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    Replying to posts

    Hey all. Just curious, wasn't too sure where to post so hope general chit chat ok. Do the mods or devs mind if someone has posted a question and I know the answer or a solution that may help, to give my input. Just wondering as there been times where I guess the M & D 's are busy and some folk...
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    Deleting Apps.

    Hey guys, was wondering if I deleted all apps including google apps of android box will xbmc still run? I figure it would but just want to be sure. Initially thought it cool to have all this on big screen but I rarely use them so the box is used soley for xbmc. Thanks in advance.