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    Another "Script Error"

    I have read that there is a script\addon to run to solve my problem but I am not sure that it is the reason I am getting script errors all over:I can file a log if needed Win 7 13.2 a few other repo addons stopped working as well: ****** Cliq! VideoPhile FTV etc... Anything that has @xbmchub on...
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    Tv-Release Not Working

    VP PARTS OF VideoPhile work bu not 100%
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    Tv-Release Not Working

    I just loaded it and it doesn't work...still working for you?
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    Radio Reference US issue

    Doesn't work in US - Pennsylvania- won't resolve but if it does, no audio - any fix yet for this?
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    Radio Reference \ Broadcastify Not working

    I uninstalled radio reference and then installed the .zip Broadcastify. None of the Pennsylvania US channels will resolve and if one does, there is no stream just silence. Is there a fix for this? I really want this addon...
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    Library doesn't work with XBMC HUB

    It turns out that manually adding the repos and settings vs installing xbmchub had no difference. I am having a problem with my library that must be mysql related. I noticed the library tab disappeared while doing a new install. I assumed it was xbmchub install that caused the problem but it...
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    Library doesn't work with XBMC HUB

    I have 2 different Windows Setups WIN7 (HP & Starter) Once I load XBMC HUB - library export \ Content set etc do not work. It kills my SQL 5.5 library sharing - is there a work around?
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    USTVNOW Log File - Works on one setup but not the other

    I have 2 XBMC setups that I am working on getting mysql set up on. Today I updated both. One works, the other doesn't (worked earlier today but suddenly stopped working) Both setups are git 13 Frodo 12.2 Win 7 Home Premium Machine crash log: LINK Win 7 Home Premium Machine debug Log: LINK...
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    [RELEASE] The New and Improved Video Addon

    I dont see the Addon in the XBMCHUB Repo anymore. Mine didn't work so I deleted it thinking I could reinstall (i worked a few weeks ago) but there is no addon in xbmchub Repository anymore... AM I missing something really obvious?
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    [RELEASE] Police Scanner for XBMC

    I got the same thing when i first loaded it and it hasn't loaded anything past the country flags. I dont think it is now supported. I was on another thread recently from weeks ago that nobody responded to. I sure would like to have this working.