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    Thank You TVAddons

    Would like to say a big thank you to TVaddons. Today I received my XUUM Box and it's really good. Thank You and keep up the good work.
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    Request NFL Replays

    Now that NFLReplays has gone, does anyone know where I can replays from. Pho*nix has a Highlights link which does not work for me so was hoping someone knows where I can get replays or even Highlights from.
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    Request Major League Baseball

    Is there a place to get replays for the baseball. If not it would be a good one for someone to add, as it would complete all the American sports.
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    Community Builds

    Does anyone use them and if so which one. I know not everyone will use TVMC just looking to see who uses what and what they think of them.
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    Hudl 2 advice

    What do People think of this for running XBMC on it. I have read a few things about this and believe this works well with Chromecast. Your thoughts on this would be of...
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    Tablet or TV BoX ?

    Not made my mind up yet so looking for advice which whould be best. Tablet or TV Box. You need to know how I will be using the device so here goes. I am looking at using it in a number of places, using both home WiFi and my Mobile WiFi. I know a box will work well at home as the WiFi or fixed...
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    2 Addon request's if possable

    Is there any chance anyone could do one for ******* and one for mobdro. ******* is a films site and works on Andriod devices. Mobdro is a site that has sports and general channels it is a bit like Na*i-X Whould be great if one or both could be added to XBMC
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    Just joined

    Hi I am new to this and once I have it up and running on my Laptop, I will look to get a box for the TV and get rid of PayTV. Put on to XBMC by a few people on other Froum's.