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    ITV Live ( Aka Little Whiz )

    Is there any possibility of anyone taking over from "Little Whiz" and resurrecting the ITV repo. Can still get catch up, but ,live is dead in the water.This used to be a great repo. Also is there any chance of Channel 4 and 5 ???
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    What addons are available - that work- for U:K tv.

    I have several Android Boxes, using Kodi and it's derivatives - OpenElec, Librelec, SPMC - but am at a total loss to find a comprehensive addon that will stream all the significant channels for U.K. TV. BBC, ITV, Channel4, Channel5 in particular. Iplayerwww covers BBC, Little wiz covers ITV...
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    Internet Connected but Kodi Network says Busy & won't connect.

    Hi can anyone just explain a situation that keeps cropping up. I am connected and watching a stream, this then starts to buffer, then drops out. If I go to system settings on Kodi I see that on network it shows as busy. But my internet is connected and working as tested on my Computer and...
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    Channel 4

    Is there any legal repo available for Channel 4 Live on Kodi. I have BBC, ITV just need Channel 4
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    Request New Addons.

    Good to see you guys back, and especially - for me ! - mikey 1234 and his ITV addon. Is there any chance of reinstating the BBC IPlayer.
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    Leopold Repo - OpenElec Dev Updater

    Hi, can anyone tell me is this Leopold Repo - OpenElec Development updater working. I have tried to install this on my OpenElec 7.1 Wetek Box running Jarvis. I want to upgrade OpenElec to 8.1 but can't seem to get this to work. Any ideas please
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    Switch Back to the Original Kodi Skin (17.0 Krypton or Above)

    I have followed instructions on how to change skins in Kodi 17.1, however when I try to install I get the error message : The dependency on xbmc.gui version 5.0.0 could not be satisfied. Any ideas please.
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    LibreElec Development Updater By Leopold

    I have installed this addon version 5.1.0 - on my LibreElec installation Version 7.0.3 Architecture Venz.arm Device V10Pro_DB, I can't get this to run, keep getting error message. Any Ideas - I can try to get a log if it would help.
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    Home Screen Programs missing.

    I have a weird situation. I have just purchased a Gostreamer G8 media box. This is configured with Linux and was supplied with the Estuary Skin.Albeit Kodi 16.1 is installed. I changed the Estuary to Confluence , which my family understand !, however on the home screen I have everything listed...
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    Leopold Repo "OpenElec Development Update"

    Can I ask is this addon Down - I have tried on several systems Kodi on Linux Laptop and OpenElec Kodi , I just can't get this to work. I just get a script error. Any advice please.
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    Leopold repository "OpenElec Development Update

    This repository " OpenElec Dev Update "has just been updated to version 4.38.0 since the upgrade I get a Script error. Can I obtain the .zip file to load a previous version that worked ( RollBack ).If so the source would be welcome.
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    Kodi on Ubuntu 14.04

    I have been running Kodi for several years, on various devices. No issues all worked well. I have just installed UBUNTU 14.04 on my computer, together with various Kodi Variants Helix14 and Isengard 15. I have loaded programs from the repositories - all O.K. When I try to run the programs they...
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    Has anyone any information regarding the future of the Iplayer Addon. I had Iplayer by " Alastair,Buzz, Dink Version 2.7.1 installed and running, now the Addon is marked - Broken in repository due to website changes. Any info would be much appreciated.
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    Hi - I am running KODIBUNTU on my laptop - any ideas on how to configure P.I.A. ( Private Internet Access ) VPN on to this platform. I can see how to configure Proxy servers, but no idea on the VPN.
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    How to post thank's ??

    This is probably a stupid question, but I cannot find a way of posting a " Thank You " against a post. I have had many situations where I would like to thank a contributor, but can't see how ?? Any guides please - the stupid one ! :confused:
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    Upgrade from Gotham to Kodi won't Play

    Hi - I would be grateful for some guidance. I have an Acer Desktop with Linux Mint 17 installed, also installed is XBMC Gotham, which works extremely well. I have followed the upgrade instructions to the letter - - this does not install Kodi Helix 14.2 - but...
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    Kodi loads but no addons play !

    Hi - I hope I am in the right forum location. I have Kodi Helix installed on my Linux pc - until yesterday all worked just fine, then it just stopped working. I have Fusion, Su*** *epo installed and loaded Filmon, Ftv, and more. When I boot up everything loads up as normal, but refuses to play...
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    DATHO VPN for Kodi

    Has anyone experienced using the Datho VPN for Kodi - if so can they get it to work. Site address I have registered with Datho, have the password . I want to try the Free version before committing to a subscription. Problem is I can't get it to work. I have contacted...
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    BBC Radio thro'

    Today my facility to listen to BBC Radio thro' Listen was withdrawn by the BBC. The Recorded Message basically says that the BBC no longer support the current set up ( Audio Factory ) and we need a new Codec. Any ideas on how to continue to receive Live BBC Radio
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    F.T.V and Filmon don't work.

    Just a quick question - before I go searching for a solution. We have lost access to F.T.V and Filmon on the gica Box. which in turn means no access to live U.K. T.V. The IPlayer and ITV player are o.k as are all other links. We can access Filmom on the computer, so that seems to be O.K. So are...