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    Frodo/ gotham

    I have been using Frodo12.3 on my Windows 7 installation. I have downloaded and installed Gotham 13 ( after uninstalling Frodo ) on my opening welcome screen it still shows as Frodo 12.3 as being installed. How can I check to see what version of XBMC is actually installed. On face value nothing...
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    Xbmc Frodo12.3 on Linux Freezes

    I have XBMC mounted on my Linux classmate note book - when I open programmes they run for a couple of minutes, then freeze - if I just tap the mouse pad they restart. Internet download speed is 6.40Mbps Ping 57.63ms. Any guidance welcome.
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    Install via Zip" Plugins"

    I have XBMC Frodo 12.3 operating through Windows. Is it a good idea to install for example :- IPlayer, ITV Player, Filmon, 4OD and FTV directly by using downloaded zip plugins. I have found this to be very quick and efficient, but have been advised not to go this route as I will never receive...
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    Screen Display when playing AUDIO

    When I am connected to Live Radio streams, the sound is brilliant but - I have an annoying flashing screen display, it's like being in a disco. Is there any way that I can change this flashing psychedelic screen - or switch it off. It's driving me nuts !.
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    Cannot get sound on XBMC install

    A very strange situation. Just got a new HP Laptop, installed XBMC and all support. When I open FTV,or any other programme - picture opens but NO sound. Sound generally works on the computer - for example USB stick videos play sound on the computer, but the same stick and progs don´t play sound...
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    Windows / Linux streaming differences.

    My question concerns differing streaming performance on Windows ( Desktop ) and Linux ( MyGica A11 ATV520 ) Internet download constant at 10 Mbps . Connection Hard Wired ADSL. I have an Acer Aspire Desktop, running Windows 8. Xbmc Frodo 12.3 is loaded. This assembly consistently works...
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    UPGRADE my Box to the next level

    "MyGica A11 ATV520, , TV Dual Core Linux Pre-installed XBMC Frodo version 12.2. I have the Box as described above - can someone guide me as to how to upgrade to the next level when it becomes available.
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    Install XBMC on Motorola Model VIP1232E internet Box

    Hi - this is probably an impossible situation - however lets give it a go! I have been given a Motorola internet set top box which at the moment is configured and programmed to receive Internet T.V. from an internet provider. Is it possible to reconfigure this box to work with XBMC. ? on the...
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    Addon Upgrade issue.

    A general question on Addon upgrades. I am using Frodo with a MyGica A11 Cortex A9 Network Multimedia Player TV Box w/ TF . Performance in general is excellent, however my installation has the annoying habit of installing upgrades - without telling me - at the most inappropriate times. For...
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    Display Icons ( Short Cuts ) on main screen

    I am a complete novice to XBMC. I have this installed on my Windows Desktop. I have installed Repos and addons for I Player, Film on, FTV ( kinkin) what I want to do is display shortcuts ( Icons) to these progs on my opening screen. At the moment I just have a written listing. Any guidance please
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    Addon "TV Catchup."

    Has anyone experience of this site " TV Catchup." [COLOR="#FF0000"]‎ TVCatchup uses "cookies" that store login details only (no personal data is stored). Such cookies can be blocked using your browser privacy settings but this will ... TV Guide Watch Now - Channel 4 - Channel 5 -...
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    Error Message " SCRIPT FAILED Plug in Video ...............

    I have an android box " MY Gica" with XBMC installed - Everything was working fine until just recently now I get the error message as headed ( Script failed, plugin video ) when I try to connect with Filmon, Not Filmon and Expat T.V. I am trying to watch U.K. Live T.V. - do I assume that...
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    My Gica A11 Full XBMC Config. Filmon not working.( Script Failed

    Hi I am new to this Forum so please excuse me if I posted in the wrong place. My problem is that I have a MyGica A11 Box fully configured with XBMC and it was working to provide Filmon, Not Filmon, I Player and more to enable me to watch U.K. TV. ( I live in Portugal ). For some reason these...