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    Xbmc in the uk

    Hey troops , after all the problems that the high courts have caused to be able to watch certain add - ons ( 1 channel , pftv , Ic*f*lms, ect ect ) . All i seem to be is running into script errors or blank screens , i was wondering wat alternitives uk based viewers are using , xbmc has been my...
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    Looking for some info

    hey ppz , looking for an idiots guide to adding, creating and general set up of XML live channels please, when I look at some of the others talk about posting pics and what not it looks completely impossible ( for me anyway ) is there any videos on how to set this up from scratch ?? , as I would...
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    XBMChub , how we doing !!

    names cleto here , stumbled across xbmc December of last year and have not watched my tv package since ( I cancelled ) so a big thank you to all the xbmc helpful helpers for ur hard work and dedication !!! I would love to be able to contribute towards your great services but due to being a bit...