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    Which device do you use to run Kodi?

    Latest one I got is Odroid C2 - plays .265 content that I stream from furk
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    Hi from another Newbie in cold, cold Manitoba, Canada

    Ice Road Truckers :cool: Welcome
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    Possible CloudFlare Protection

    Check addon settings - there is an option to disable it
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    Raspberry Pi v.2 model B

    Got my Rasp Pi 2 this week and installed OSMC [Raspbmc] Kodi is working great, navigation is extremely fast compared to my old model B. It's like using xbmc on my Windows 7 pc;) For those ordering this new Pi, please make sure you get the correct power supply. If not then there's a small...
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    Raspberry Pi v.2 model B

    OSMC [RASPBMC] is ready for the new Pi
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    Does anyone here buy from ali-express?

    No problems when I bought from them ...was delivered within 8 days to Durban This was on sale when I bought it and shipping was free from this vendor Good luck
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    meegopad review- windows hdmi stick

    Thanks for the review.really helpful as I'm expecting mine any day now.
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    Help from a newbie

    What device are you using??????????
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    HTPC-CEC Home Buld

    Looks great....was it a difficult build or can anyone attempt it?
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    Copy existing setup to new Pi

    Use win32diskimager to make an image of SD card and use USBIT to make an image of the usb stick Make sure the new sd card and usb stick are the same size as the ones you're getting the image from Format the new sd card and usb with SDFormatter Then just write the images on them and it should...
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    old noobroom site is the new site for noobroom
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    Alien - South Africa

    Sorry - I cut the cable/satellite and using XBMC now. I'll keep checking though...
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    Alien - South Africa

    Great stuff guys XBMC works great down here Thanks for all the hard work - and all for free - still hard to believe. Wonderful :cool: