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    Which device do you use to run Kodi?

    Fire TV - Main HP Stream Mini running Windows 10. (Always on. Also runs MySQL) Ouya. (Yes, I still have my trusty ol' Ouya) Dell Optiplex 750 running Manjaro Cinnamon Core 2-quad running Linux mint 17.3 at this time. Core i5 dual boots Ubuntu Mate and KXStudio 14 Amazon Fire 7" 5th gen. Just to...
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    Happy to see someone else is still using Ouya. I guess I agree that its not worth the effort. Unless you want to flash a different ROM. I have been using my Ouya quiet a bit lately with 14.2 and it still works quite well.
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    Confirm by XDA user Fire stick Runs Kodi

    I bought one last week just to check out, maybe give it to my brother but ended up returning it also. I may try to get another Fire TV for a gift if I can get one on Black Friday for around $75. Hopefullly I can root it and give it as a Christmas gift. If it cannot be rooted it will be going...
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    SPMC location on firetv via ssh

    /sdcard/Android/data/com.semperpax.spmc/files/.xbmc/ Remember, .xbmc is a hidden folder so you will have to be able to view hidden files/folders.
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    chickcharney update problem

    Clockworkmod was preventing the update from installing for me. I plugged a USB keyboard directly into my Ouya and allowed the update to download. When the Ouya rebooted into clockworkmod I hit the down arrow to allow installation of the zip file (if I remember correctly), Then rebooted from CWM...
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    Fire Stick $19 with prime membership until wednesday

    I'm finding myself in agreement with you Showgun. I was pretty happy with my Ouya. Then the Fire TV came out and I just had to have one, so I got one the first week they were available. Great box and good hardware, but I'm disgusted that Amazon has decided to go the Apple route by attempting to...
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    ouya vs amazon fire tv. speed /stability who has both of them??

    I have both. The Fire TV is a bit quicker when navigating menus and displaying lists. I quite like both of them though. I like to use the Fire TV as my main XBMC (Kodi) box and tinker around with the Ouya as it is designed to be more "open".
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    Do you have Android TV yet?

    I have both an Ouya and a Fire TV. Both work well running SPMC 13.2 Both work quite well Fire TV is somewhat quicker navigating menus.
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    Local Storage

    Fire TV can be rooted and set up to allow local storage. I would use a hdd with external powered or a powered USB hub. Check out the stickies at the top of the Fire TV forums. Gotta run or I would explain further. Info should all be there in the stickies. Enjoy! :cool:
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    [HOW TO] Connect Mass Storage Device to Amazon Fire TV (ROOT)

    Well, to make a long story short. Somehow I really borked the file system on my usb drive. Somewhere along the line I wiped all my data. The directory/file structure was still there but all files were 0 bytes. Anyway I ended up reformatting and am restoring from a network backup. Its working...
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    [HOW TO] Connect Mass Storage Device to Amazon Fire TV (ROOT)

    Yeah, it is odd. My drive is also NTFS. I've plugged it in to my Ouya and am scanning right now. Will check and see if they play. Of course I should have pulled a log file from the AFTV. Right now I'm having quite a bit of fun doing some tinkering. Had both the AFTV and Ouya set up just the way...
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    [HOW TO] Connect Mass Storage Device to Amazon Fire TV (ROOT)

    Oops. I already posted my stickmount experience on the "how to root" thread. Anyway, I'm glad you seem to be running fine. Makes me believe I need to work further on my folder/file permissions on the usb drive. I seem to remember having a permissions problem some time ago with my Ouya which I...
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    [HOW TO] Root your Amazon Fire TV

    I've been able to mount my external hard drive with chainfire stickmount. I was able to add the source and scan my TV shows into the library. However XBMC will not play them. I don't know yet but there may be a permissions issue with those files. This is the same hard drive that I use with my...
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    [HOW TO] Root your Amazon Fire TV

    Got mine rooted! Installed superuser, busybox and ssh/sftp daemon so far. Now I have ssh access! Pretty cool. Time to see about mounting a usb hdd at boot. Mine is ntfs formatted. Looks like there may be lots of interesting stuff happening at XDA Developers forum soon.
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    OUYA System Update "Chupacabra" - Version 1.2.995

    Oops... too late! :p
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    OUYA System Update "Chupacabra" - Version 1.2.995 Should be near the end of the first post.:cool:
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    OUYA System Update "Chupacabra" - Version 1.2.995

    There will be some wrinkles to work out I'm sure. Right now I'm installing the latest Gotham build to test as well. Will get back to the wii remote soon. I was just happy to see some promising functionality so far. As usual I'm trying to do three of four things at once so it slows everything...
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    OUYA System Update "Chupacabra" - Version 1.2.995

    Booted up my ouya today. After exiting the auto-launched SPMC the update took over which was okay with me but I thought the Ouya was supposed to ask me first since the last upgrade. Anyway I was able to install wiimote controller.apk and pair my wii remote finally. Now I just need to mess around...
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    XBMC basics

    SMB is fine of course. I like to use ssh/sftp server daemon on Ouya because I can launch it (from the Make menu) and it will run in the background until I shut it off or reboot my Ouya. That way I can then launch XBMC (SPMC in my case) and watch whatever I want while doing file operations from...
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    [HOW TO] Install XBMC on Amazon Fire TV

    I'm still evaluating the Fire TV. But my feeling is that navigating the menus is snappier than the Ouya. I'm holding off on switching completely because of the lack of ability to mount a USB hard drive on the Fire TV. It does seem to work just fine streaming my local files over Samba though. My...