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  1. B script error

    Anybody have a fix for this? thanks
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    Happy Fathers Day!

    To all our members celebrating today Happy Fathers Day!
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    Our Italian Members Using Kodi..Need advice..

    Was wondering if Kodi works well in Italy? Was hoping to send a few Firesticks to family and friends. Anybody having experience using these in Italy your feedback would be greatly appreciated.:cool::cool:
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    Dreaded spinning "Working" ON Fire Tv Stick

    How do you guys break away from the "Working" cycle of death? I am hitting Home button and then Stopping application. Is there a better way?
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    Video stutters.........

    My video streaming is stuttering for some reason. Its not a buffering issue.The same file works great on my Ouya but when watching anything lately on my Amazon stick the video stutters. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.I am running Kodi 14.2
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    Adbfire pushed failed?

    I was wondering if someone has had this happen to them. I have been trying to push something to my firetv stick sdcard. All I keep getting is Adbfire push failed? I have pushed other files but suddenly It wont work?
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    live tv sx

    No idea if this can be made into an addon. Good site for sports.
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    Addon Request..........

    Was wondering if this could be turned into an addon.......hxxp://
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    Recommending this Documentary!

    If you get a chance this Documentary will just blow you away. Highly recommended.....Dear Zachary...
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    Irish Priest surprises Bride and Groom!
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    Is it available in a Store

    Was wondering if this available to purchase at a store or only online from Amazon? thaks
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    Controller Paring Issue?

    I took my friends Ouya to my place to reconfigure it for him. I used my own Ouya controller to pare with his Ouya box! Once I did what I had to do with his Ouya I plugged my own Ouya back into the tv. I then could not for the life of me get my controller to pare back to my OUYA...I have tried...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate today! :D
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    Swedes Develop Invisible Helmet!

    I thought this was pretty cool. Fast forward to about the 2.30 mark. Enjoy;)
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    Flash player

    Has anyone found a working flash player for the Ouya?
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    Update audio problem?

    Would someone who has this audio problem figured out please load a guide on how you fixed it? I have tried side loading and still no joy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    How do you refresh a repo

    Was wondering how you refresh a repo with the Ouya remote? thanks
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    Lets ALL support Mikey1234

    Come on Members lets all take the time to vote.: Its the least we can do to repay him for all he has done for us all. Its payback time...Lets all vote.:D please can people vote for Lucy Simonds
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    Happy Mother's Day

    Just wanted to wish all the Mother's in the forum a Happy Mother's Day!
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    Happy Birthday Dark Angel

    Just wanted to wish Dark Angel a Happy Birthday! Your work is appreciated by us all. Enjoy your day!