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    VPN Expiring. Need Recommendations

    Even i am using ExpressVPN which will expire on 19th November, as ExpressVPN is quite expensive for me. I am searching for some of the cheap VPN services on this black friday which will secure my streaming on Kodi. Which VPN is best for Kodi streaming? I research on it and found the guide in...
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    NordVPN for Kodi: great deal!

    I am not aware of an addon that would use NordVPN.
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    Which VPN is Best?

    Haven't tried PureVPN but I use PIA and it's great. I've never gotten speed drop while torrenting. Check other apps reviews here:
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    Alternatives to Phnx for TV show random play?

    USTVNow is legit and works perfectly for me :)
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    Help needed..

    Check this addons list: *************
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    VPN Advice P2P File Sharing Beginners etc

    Thanks. Much appreciated. See this site for more information: kodivpn. co
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    Installation Problem on Windows 10

    Does it have Chromecast support?
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    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to the forum, Zem*V has been working great for me on other devices for a while now. I just got Kodi loaded on my Apple TV 4 and now none of the links will open.
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    VPN for an Nvidia Shield

    You can side load OpenVPN, but I have not tried it myself. NVIDIA Shield TV as it currently stands, does not natively support VPN. Some openvpn clients are expressvpn, torguard, PIA etc. Read Expressvpn openvpn setup here. or visit this site:
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    Which VPN is Best?

    Don't take my question wrong but why do you need it? Trying to help save the trouble. The only reason I see needing it is with P2P add-ons and not the majority of them. This article will give you best kodi vpn recommendations.
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    Canada going after android boxes?

    So are HP, Lenovo, Roku, Samsung, LG, Apple, Dell all going to be banned as well? As every single one of those companies produces products that do exactly the same thing as the Android box.
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    Can't get International channels (Sky Sports) to work on Pho*nix

    403 Forbidden error on link...
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    How to set up your VPN on raspberry pi using Brain Hornsby Openvpn for XBMC

    Excellent tutorial. works like a charm!
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    fire tv and vpn ?

    I'm afraid, Fire TV OS is not particularly receptive to VPN usage however, if your router supports DD-WRT firmware, it's a good news because DD-WRT has the option of selecting different VPN configurations like: PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN and Once configured, users on the network don’t need to enter a...