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    Have I Just Wasted My Money? (IPVanish)

    Try pressing the home button on your remote and see if it still shuts down. By doing this you aren't technically backing out of the app.
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    Need help

    External builds are not supported here. You would be better doing a clean install and installing addons from fusion. That way you can be assured what you are installing is the latest/correct version of a particular add-on.
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    You should change the live link as these are not permitted. Use hxxp or something.
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    Request Kodi crashing, 5G storage issues, please help a newbie out!

    Not the advice you want to hear but I would highly recommend a fresh install and starting from scratch. Had a similar issue with an MX clone I had; that device storage was full. The only way I managed to sort it was to do a factory reset on the thing.
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    Updating kodi on android box

    Goto the official kodi website and download from there. Google is your friend🙈🙉🙊
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    Request MX2 Owner Opinions Changing from Android to OpenELEC?

    Agree with this for old MX boxes. The ember firmware is fantastic. My MX clone runs just as fast newer android boxes I have. Ember available on xda.
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    Welcome fogone, remember the search function is your friend. Enjoy your time and read & learn.
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    This forum

    Search??¿? Thought that was a bad/banned word/procedure on here!!!!!!!!! Not SRS🙈🙉🙊
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    to install a wizard or start from scratch

    If you feel confident enough in what you're doing, then I would highly recommend starting from scratch and adding what you really want/need to begin with. That way you can be sure of everything that you have installed is safe to use. After that, explore the wonderful world of kodi; read and...
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    vpn benefits in the uk

    Don't think it would help with those nights you mentioned, basically because these would be the nights when most people would be using the source streams. With regards to a vpn- I would recommend it to hide what you are watching and basically keeping snoopers out. I would recommend private...
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    Basic TV questions from a noob

    Wasn't talking explicitly about live news channels but live streams.
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    Basic TV questions from a noob

    With regards to live streams - if you are after constant streams then u are gonna have to pay whatever provider provides them. With live "free" streams it is in the lap of the gods. The "free" streams will come and go. What may work 1 day quite possibly (more than likely) won't the next or...
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    Synching Sound

    Providing they have a keyboard🙉🙊🙊
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    Synching Sound

    Bring up play/pause/ rewind menu when watching something. Scroll along to sound icon. Click on it, there you should be able to set audio offset, then scroll down to bottom of that page; ( can't remember of top of head exactly). It either says OK or set for all playback or something. Click on...
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    Help plz

    As I said, if you can get a log file then that would go a long way to getting more help from those that know more. Dry can't be any more help.
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    Help plz

    Are you connected via WiFi? If so, check your DL speeds where your box is now. I had a similar issue where in living room where I had my box originally was a total dead spot; moved a metre and it was fine. If that doesn't work then I'm sure more folk will chime in with some help. Also a log file...
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    kodi settings problem

    9 times outs 10, the reason the box will give 1970 as the date is because there is no internet connection. So I would check that 1st when you boot up the box; make sure internet is a go.
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    Hey all

    Not telling you what to do. But I would recommend getting rid of said installer and doing fresh install with tvaddons/kodi addons and take it from there.
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    Hello all here at

    Welcome to the club. Read and learn.👍 Word of advice though - remember to use the search function. If you can't find you're answer then don't be afraid to ask in the relevant thread🙈🙉🙊
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    If you used bittorrent software to get media before switching to Kodi, do you...

    Only for music these days and only when using a VPN.