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    Thank you the developers are the real mvp

    Thank You SO much to developers for all their hard, dedicated work, you're revolutionizing TV viewing.
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    Do you use a Debrid Service?

    i decided to try a couple of months of Real Debrid, i was skeptical 'cause i'm in Canada, and i read somewhere that some people were saying the servers are in Europe and people in North America don't benefit much, if any, because of slow speeds. i decided to try it anyway, price is very...
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    small tv screen picture in Tofu

    thanks again. tried different HDMI cable and port, no luck, so i just reset the box and fresh installed thehydra, works fine, no biggie, its the brother-in-laws anyway :D
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    small tv screen picture in Tofu

    Thanks Jokster, i had already tried turning off hardware acceleration, only option i could see was turning on or off amcodec, which i turned off, made no difference, Fusion, etc work fine, its just that darn small picture.
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    small tv screen picture in Tofu

    hi guys. just updated (it hadn't been updated in years) my BIL's XIOS DS (M3) Linux KODI with Tofu, everything works well except its just a small picture in the bottom left of the screen, tried reinstalling, various settings in Tofu, on the tv, etc, no good. does anyone have any suggestions...
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    Which device do you use to run Kodi?

    Asus VistaPC (Windows) on my living-room TV and an Ouya on the bedroom TV.
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    hello and thank you

    hi everyone, another new member here. i first discovered XBMC/KODI just over a year ago and now have it on two devices for myself, and installed it for many friends and family members. i am on the email list for TVADDONS, but until today's email, i'm ashamed to say i never thought of saying...