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    upgrade to krypton

    about 6 months ago Pri**wire stopped working. I was told that it was because of the change to krypton but that krypton waszn't quite ready. I figured apt would take care of it when it was ready so I forgot about at. I still had PFTV and SA*TS. About 3 months ago PFTV stopped working but still no...
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    nothing will load

    I was watching tv and the went up a level and now nothing will load. I tried 1Ch**nel.... SA*TS... and PFTV. if you don't realize not only will the programs not load but SA*TS, PFTV, and 1Ch**nel will not load. I do not get an error but rather the spinning weel keeps-a-spinning around. (for ten...
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    maintenance tool add on

    Well.... one channel is now blocked in the US where I am and this is how I was told to fix it: Apparently I need to clear a cache and to do so I need the maintenance tool. I followed the procedure...
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    website blocked

    when I select (for example) 1Ch**nel's website favorites it gives me a script error. I went back a couple of levels and I get an error when I select SA*TS or travel channel (and others). Any idea as to what is going on? I just tried the search function and an info window appeared stating...
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    instructions for installing kodi

    I need to update the little script I have written for installing kodi (on an ubuntu based coumputer) when I need to. this is what I have and I was wondering what it should be: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install xbmc; xbmc
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    raspberry pi

    I recently bought a Raspberry Pi expressly for the Purpose of running Kodi on it. Well I am having some problems which they supposedly have fixes for ( but the fixes don't work. Here are the problems: 1- When I try to shut down the...
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    Super Bowl

    My brother wants to watch the Super Bowl. What repository is Spo*ts De*il in?
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    I'm looking for an add-on

    This add on shows all of the tv programs that have aired in a certain amount of time (day, hour, week ,month). I had it on my system but it crased and I do not know what it was. Does anyone know? (I asked this a month ago but got no responses)
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    fusion not installing

    I clik add source and then type in and I do not get the message 'unable to connect'. So I figure all is well. I then go to the screen where you click 'install from zip file' and after it is clicked on the next screen is empty.... the addons are not listed in it...
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    full screen

    I watch Kodi and the video is in a strip with black on the top and bottom of the screen. I played with a setting and it went full screen. I since have had to reinstall Kodi and I can't find that setting. Also, where did the setting go that changes the way the sources are displayed?
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    television add on

    I recently had to re-install xbmc. Now I had an ad on that showed what had been aired in the previous 'x' hours but I can't remember what it was. Would someone help me out with the name?
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    all of us know that is how we configure xbmc to use fusion. Well.... 'XBMC' is now 'KODI' so that begs the question..... when is '' going to change and what will it change to?
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    broken things

    I watched a little XBMC and then walked away and did something for like one half hour. Well, when I came back an info window was up saying something was marked as broken and if I wanted to disable it (I think it said) in the repository. I clicked No and then another appeared saing something...
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    backup across the network

    today I figured I didn't want to use the 8 gig pendrive for a backup (too big) and that I would use a 61 meg drive instead. So I stuck the drive into a port and went to backup settings and what do you know...... the drive won't register. So then I tried to back it up to another computer. So I...
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    music volume

    I go to the music section and find something I want to listen to. how do you adjust the volume as there is no volume icon.
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    I put XBMC on Linux Mint and whenever I watched it the screensaver was disabled. Well, something happened where I had to reinstall the OS and the CD version of Mint no longer works so I found a CD distro (mX-14) and installed it. Now sometimes it will pop out of full screen and the screensaver...
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    full screen and sleeping

    My computer crashed. I put a new os on it and restored my backup. My favorites/subscriptions aren't saved? Another problem is after 15 minutes it goes out of full screen and the screen saver appears. (solved by setting it to go off after 200 minutes) Why is that? How do I get it back to normal...
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    xbmc crshes upon start

    possible way to install on old hardware xbmc crashes upon staet. This is because I need to have installed mint16 (or the ubuntu equivalent). Whenever I try installing that it will only work in compatibility mode off of the live DVD. here is an idea.... I got xbmc running on mint12 and I know...
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    fresh install of xbmc will not load. it crashes right away.

    All I can think of saying is info in the crash log. Crash log is the firedrive site. Can you help get it to stop crashing upon start.
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    problems after xbmc reset itself to factory default on a Linux box (not openelec)

    I had xbmc installed on a Linux box and all was good until I came home from work one day and found it had..... I don't know. it was as if everything had been reset back to factory default. My brother had loaded a movie for our roommates daughter and that was it (he says). Oh well! So I tried to...