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    what file contains your watched programs?

    I want to save that file so I always know what I've watched even if the computer with xbmc on it goes belly up. if it matters I primarily use 1Ch**nel.
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    XBMC down?

    surprised I'm the first to report this. when I try to load an add on it just says working. What do I do to get it working?
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    Carmichael skin

    I think it might be a very good skin but after I choose the skin and exit back to the menus I can't select any other thing but 'settings'. once in a great blue moon 'videos' or weather' will select but once I move the cursor only 'settings' is selectable. Good thing too because I don't know what...
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    what happened to favorites?

    moved nothing to see here.... move along!
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    I would like a guide to the 'system' menu and it's settings. Can anyone help me out?
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    High Def.

    Is there an addon that specializes in high definition content? Or else which add on do you recommend for that?
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    I am trying to set my dad up and we are having problems. his internet 1.5 down 180k up. That is way too slow? What are minimums to get reliable service?
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    xbmc on the original xbox

    could someone tell me how to install xbmc on an original xbox or point me to a resource that will explain it?
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    Route audio through other HDMI Port of a NUC

    I want to route the audio through the other hdmi port of my dad's NUC. I read somewhere that you need to do that if you want to connect it to a sound system but it just occurred to me that things might already be set up that way. SO the questions are do I need to route it and how does one do...
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    I had a problem with my video; I kept getting a an 'import failed: metadata. a fellow user was kind enough to tell me that to fix it do 'fusion/xpert-advanced/modules and fix the metahandler from there. Well there is more than on metadata module in there. The first one I selected fixed it but...
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    streaming video

    how much memory does one need to stream video correctly (USTVNOW)? If the type of computer matters it is an NUC.
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    screen to big

    I was wondering how you make the home page fit in the screen. Mine is too big and I can't see the ticker tape and the time up on top is cut in half. I thought it would be a zoom setting but I can't find a place to adjust the zoom. Anyone know where it is?
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    script error- import failed: metadata

    I installed openelec on a flash drive for a NUC. The problem I am having is that when I run 1Ch**nel (the only addon on the system) I get a script error. The error is: Import failed: metadata I have two questions about this, the first being how do I fix it, and the second is will the fix be...
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    opengl rendering on a Linu system

    opengl rendering on a Linux system Love XBMC! But I started it one day and an information window appeared stating: XBMC needs hardware accelerated OpenGL rendering. Install an appropriate graphics driver. huh? it was working before. what happened?
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    xbmc down?

    none of my add-ons are working. how long is xbmc going to be down for? it started at 1600GMT. that is kind of a round number so it must be scheduled maintanence. they should probably start a sticky thread to let us know about things like this.
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    I set the hybrid skin but can't figure out how to go back to confluence. I want to regain confluence because in the present skin I can't install Movie25.
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    setup xbmc

    I was at my parents and tried to setup xbmc for them. I went to the instructions an nothing worked. The only add on I could get was 'freecable' which doesn't work on my linux system and I didn't test on their windows box. I think you need to look at the instructions and rewrite...
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    I was looking through the settings and came across EPG. I suppose this is electronic program guide. How do I access this feature?
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    streaming movies illegal in england?

    a couple of days ago an add on said that streaming movies wa snow illegal in england. huh? how long till that happens in the US thereby ruining XBMC here?
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    film-on local channels

    how strange..... I go to film on and select a local channel close to me (KASW in Pho*nix) and it plays in low resolution for 30 seconds and then it stops, buffers continues a couple of seconds,buffers and so on. I select a Canadian local channel and I get high def and it keeps playing. Any...