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    forum add on

    Is there an add on which will let one post to the forum from within xbmc? It is a hastle having to exit xbmc every time I have a problem.
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    other video sites

    I don't know where else to put this so I guess this is as good as any.... how is xbmc better than other video sites?
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    video watched setting

    I had to reinstall xbmc. When I had it installed previously I found a setting that let it mark as watched after watching a cerrtain percentage of the video. I can't find that setting. Can anyone help me out?
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    install frodo over eden on an ubuntu

    I think I figured out what is wrong! apt-get installed eden on the laptop while on the tv server frodo was installed with apt-get. So how do I tell apt to install frodo?
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    I can't get xbmc to work on my laptop. I apt-get remove the program, then I manually go in and remove all other xbmc files which haven't been removed. Then I apt-get install xbmc and then install the fusion directory then the new hub thing and nothing installs. No 1 channel or project freetv or...
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    xbmc remote - only decreases volume

    xbmc remote I got the remote to work. I only needed to redirect to the correct port. I don't know what it is but my xbmc remote will not increase the volume, only decrease it.
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    remote control

    I am trying to make it so that I can control my xbmc box from my laptop. I followed the directions here: but when I type in the xbmc server's IP, does not appear but rather...
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    In my brief experience with XBMC the sources that (generally) work best are 'daclips' and '' (by 'work best' I mean the buffering isn't long). Is this usual? What is the purpose of the sources that are colored yellow?
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    dial up

    I have a friend who is interested in xbmc but she only has a dialup connection. Can I tell her that xbmc will work with it? You know, she also has netflix; I thought netflix only worked with an internet connection. Would it basically be the same?
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    Updates to the XBMC HUB Wizard,

    Updates to the XBMC HUB Wizard and Linux. I just got this. So since I runLinux it won't do anything for me? Oh... and where do you get the XBMC hub wizard? Updates to the XBMC HUB Wizard, Go Ahead and Update Away! May 20, 2013 By Team XBMC HUB Staff 1 Comment We’re very excited to announce...
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    local channels

    I want to cut the cable but need the local channels. How does one do it?
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    not all addons installing

    I don't know whatI'm doing wrong. (this is an example) I go to the file manager>fusion>video>> and then that opens a directory..... I thought it was supposed to install at the zip file. What am I doing wrong?
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    "Programs-Add-ons" TV Guide

    Yep I did install a add on in Programs called "TV Guide". Well, I click on a program and a slider pops out asking me to 'choose a stream'. I click that button I don't know what to do. Whom can tell me what to do now?
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    I got Frodo running on an install of linux mint12. I'm trying to the gomiso addon to work so I can watch Paranorman. I followed the instructions at and it installed but whenever Gomiso was clicked I would be informed that I had to ...
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    I went to system->settings->live tv and I see there is a recording setting. 1- how do you get live tv 2- how do you record with XBMC--- Is it like a dvr? 3- can you get it to record movies?
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    I would like to get that running. So I created an account- right clicked on it- entered my info- but whenever I click on 'ustvnow' I get an error: script failed! : What do I need to do to get this working?
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    upload your log file

    When I try to watch some things it gives me an error and tells me to check my log. Well, today I just found an add on that would email me that log file. So I enter my email address and an info winndow appears telling me it uploaded with an ID and it gives a URL...
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    Unsupported hoster

    I thought a search through the forums would easily reveal this but I was wrong.So please tell me, how do I make the hosters available? Is there like a download or something?
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    ever movie I select shows some and then goes back to the 'channel' selection page

    Why is it that two of three movies I've watched with xbmc have ended within 15 minutes of starting. I watched all of Ted and then some TV shows last night but today I tried to watch 'Snow White and the Huntsman' and 'Terminator III' and both of them stoped playing within 15 minutes and return to...
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    xbmc on tv w/o vga port

    Are there like adapters I can buy to put an xbmc box on a tv w/o a VGA port?