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    Request time for a new Hosters filter in video add-ons?

    with the growing number of hosters now requiring authorizations via pairing from their websites, does anyone think its time to start adding filters to bypass them like we had to do with the ones that used capthas?
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    too many dependency errors

    after a few hours of troubleshooting i managed to get all the addons i wanted installed. from a clean install of kodi i had to install the tvaddons repo first then install the "addoninstaller" addon. i also ran into another issue with the Pho*nix addon with another device where it kept failing...
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    too many dependency errors

    hello, I am just wondering if there are still issues with the tvaddons servers. for weeks on one of my windows 10 box running kodi 16.1. i have been unable to get updates for weeks they all just error out as dependency errors. i have tried doing a fresh start and reinstalling addons separably...
  4. K source not working with xbmc ouya

    hello everyone i had my ouya for a few months now and found that it has its own version in the app store so i though i would switch to that version from the version i sideloaded. the problem i am running into is i am adding the source and getting no errors. when i go to the fusion source when...