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    Kodi keeps restarting

    Every time I click the home button and then open Kodi back up the program restarts. It's rarely happened in xbmc. Is there a way so Kodi stops restarting every time?
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    Ging back to home screen when pushing home button

    I open an add on and browse within it. If I want to open a different add on I have to go up the levels using the huge arrow box or the back arrow. Even if I click the small home icon at the bottom, it pulls up the main menu (music,videos,etc), but I click videos and it goes back to the same...
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    Disable gestures in kodi while watching movies

    While watching a movie, if I accidentally swipe in any direction the movie ends up seeking forward/rewind by 10 seconds or 1 minute. Is there any way to disable this so I can touch the screen without the movie seeking?