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    I down loded Gotham 13.1 and can not acess add on's on XBMC. XBMC will allow me to install the download but will not allow me to access anything in the add on. For exampl when I try to watch shows in DIY or Fox News I get a script error. I will post the latest error logs. Any ideas would...
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    apple tv

    How do I update the frodo software
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    apple tv2

    I turned my apple tv on last night and even though it shows ******* in the start up the ******* search menu is gone. Any ideas? Also do I need to update my apple tv to the newest frodo version.
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    I have watched numerous videos on how to install the XBMC. I downloaded the software and installed it then went and added fusion. This is where something goes wrong. When I go to add-ons and click install from zip file the fusion, my fusion folders do not look like the video's. I have been...