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    Video add ons ur uk users

    Hey guys. Currently been away from the scene for a while. Now I'm back and updating my atv2 as haven't been used in a while. I know the uk ISPs has been blocking certain film sites. What's the best plug ins for films and tv series that work in the U.K.? Thanks
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    script errors on alot of plug ins

    hey guys, im getting alot of script errors when trying to open different plug ins on my apple tv 2. can any one else? Heres the log file. thanks
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    This Apple Tv is not eligible for this version

    im trying to jailbreak my apple tv running 5.0.2 but keep getting error message This Apple Tv is not eligible for this version. Tried on both mac and windows same on both. Tried saving blobs wont let me do that. any one come accross this before?
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    Apple TV with virgin media

    Just had virgin media installed and connected to the super hub but it won't let the Internet through. Shows connected on the Apple TV and on the router home page. Is there any ports etc need to be opened?
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    Plug in icons

    Alright guys I've got a mygica 510b with latest toys4me image on. But the plug in icons and pictures of the movies covers when strolling through movies seem to take a while to appear. Any one know why?
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    Jailbreaking Apple TV

    I've got an Apple TV 2 on 4.0 that I want to jailbreak. I normally just let seasonpass download the latest firmware and perform the jailbreak but it was trying to download 5..2.1 which only has a tethered jailbreak. What's the last firmware that can be untethered and how do I go about jail...
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    air mouse to work in recovery mode

    trying to upgrade the firmware on mygica 510b but the airmouse i use wont work
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    Mygica 510b m1

    Alright guys just got one of these. Tried pivos Linux m1 and m3 image but both are staying on the black screen on startup, any one know why? Removed checks on both images
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    mygica 510b m1

    hi guys order one of these m1 version. What are my linux xbmc options as in what images are available? i know theres a few different images for the m3
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    Mygica atv520

    Any one seen these?? Will it be alot better than the 510b?
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    How to move user data

    Hi guys How do you move user data over to the sd card on the cyclone nano?
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    Script errors on plug ins

    Just put android back on my cyclone nano slim installed xbmc, installed all plug ins but now when I go to open them it gives me script errors. Tried 1Ch**nel, ice films, hub maintenance. Any one come across this before ?
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    Apple TV 3 jailbreak ?

    Is there one out? Seen some one advertising a Apple TV 3 jailbroken so I messaged him for model number and asked when the jailbreak came out for them and he replied saying start of feb and confirmed md199 model number
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    Any good?

    Are the 1st gen any good at running xbmc as I've got chance to get hold of them or would you say stick to 2nd gen ?
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    Cyclone nano slim m3 keeps rebooting

    Hey guys I have a cyclone nano slim m3 that keeps rebooting randomly, earlier I was watching football through the starstreams plugin and every 5 mins or so it rebooted. It's randomly rebooted in the past but not that often. Any thing I can do to stop it rebooting or see why it's rebooting? It's...
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    frodo linux

    is there an offical release for linux frodo or are they still nightlys?
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    Which plugins do you use?

    Sorry if in the wrong section but didn't know where else to put it What plugins do you use official or non official and say a brief description to what the plugin does?
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    Remote for cyclone nano slim

    Looking for a smaller remote which one world I need ?
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    cyclone nano slim plus m3

    just got one of these, How do i go about putting xbmc on the android version and which nightly do i need? im eventually going to put the linux version on but i know its currently not available for m3 Thanks
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    problems jailbreaking atv 2 4.3

    im using seasonpass but when restoring in itunes i get an error build not supported (or some thing like that) the atv firmware is 4.3 any one know what the problem could be?